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YouTube App Available For Download In The App Store

iOS 6 beta users were surprised to see the YouTube app removed from iOS 6 when they installed iOS 6 beta 4. Well, since then we've read the statement from Apple claiming the contract between the two parties has ended, but there was lots of speculation around it.

It's a fact that Apple and Google wish to follow separate paths—although the push has come mostly from Apple, since Google was making more money from Apple than from its Android devices: when the new iPad launched, we saw Apple using OpenMaps instead of Google Maps, and with the presentation of iOS 6 beta, the Cupertino company introduced its own native Maps application.


With Google having been slowly pushed out as an iOS partner, it was time for the YouTube app to leave the list of preinstalled apps. As soon as the news surfaced, Google cooled the spirits down by issuing a statement that they were already working on a YouTube app, which they would submit to Apple for review.
And here it is, the YouTube app is finally available, just in time for the launch of the iPhone 5, as most users have missed the application from their iPhone running iOS 6 beta 4. The Google app is kept simple and intuitive, and it ships with lots of great features, such as voice search for videos and channels, and obviously deep social media sharing options: Google+ as well as Email, Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the search giant says the iPad app is also in the works; so stay tuned—it will ship soon.

Meanwhile, here is a message from us to all iOS 6 beta 4 users: go ahead; download the YouTube app and Enjoy!

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