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Upload & Download Files to iPhone Without SSH Using iFile Web Server

Although Apple has put some efforts to free your iDevice from wired connectivity, you are still so many miles away from uploading & downloading files to and from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without SSH just like you do with Finder. However, iFile Web Server will make you forget the hassle of cords.

A healthy jailbreak and iFile jailbreak app is always there to help you free your iDevice from wires and provide you with the same user experience like you used to have with CyberDuck for instance. With iFile Web Server available at Cydia, the express file management door has opened: you can now upload and download files from your iDevice to your PC without SSH.

The magic begins as soon as you launch iFile Web Server: sending and receiving files has never been easier, you only have to tap the Wi-Fi symbol at the bottom to have an address which you will use in your web-browser to connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

But there is more: iFile Web Server gives you fast navigation through all your iDevice's system in multiple tabs, so you can view all types of files such as MS Office, iWork, images, music files, or just audio if you prefer, HTML, PDF and even compressed formats.

iFile Web Server eliminates the need of connecting to iTunes as it connects through your Wifi network and allows you to copy, paste, move files, edit text files, import music files directly into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch's music folder, and what you'll love the most: it can pack and unpack compressed files.

So, if you want to enjoy the wireless life, you should follow the steps described below.

Upload or Download Files to iPhone Using iFile Web Server:

  1. Just install iFile from Cydia.
  2. Launch iFile app and click on the WiFi button at the bottom.
  3. iFile web-server will start automatically.
  4. iFile Web Server

  5. Open your web-browser on PC.
  6. Type the address shown on your iPhone screen with the port numbers.
  7. iFile Web Server

  8. Upload and download files as required.
  9. iFile Web Server

Now you are ready to put your wires into the drawer and just enjoy the life with iFile Web Server.

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    Sir9 years ago

    Can I host WordPress in the ifile web server?I always wanted to host a website from I device.Mobile web server