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Unlock iOS 6 Maps: Unlock 3D Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation on Older Devices [Cydia Tweak]

One of the most noteworthy features of Apple's latest mobile operating system is definitely the company's new in-house mapping solution, the iOS 6 Maps. There has been a great deal of hoopla that surrounded the new Maps app even way before it was officially unveiled. However, if you have been really keeping track of iOS 6, you will know that most of the brand-spankin' new features of the operating system are only exclusive to newer hardware. Those who are rocking old devices will not be able to access more advanced features of iOS 6 Maps. Fortunately, the jailbreak community once again comes into the rescue.

Unlock iOS 6 Maps Features
If you have been keeping yourself in the loop with respect to the latest jailbreak news, you will know that famed iOS developer Ryan Petrich has demonstrated a port of Google Maps working on iOS 6. While that is still pretty much a work in progress, Petrich has decided to release a small tweak that will allow old Apple device owners to access the more advanced features of the Maps app. This means that features such as 3D Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation will now be usable even in less powerful devices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G. The name of the tweak is called Unlock iOS 6 Maps.

Enable 3D and Navigation features on all devices in iOS 6.0’s new Maps app.
May reduce performance.
There are no options to configure.
To disable this tweak, uninstall it.

As this is a jailbreak tweak, you will of course need to jailbreak your iOS device first and install Cydia. Feel free to check out our comprehensive iOS 6 jailbreak guide in case you require some assistance. As per usual, you will simply need to search for Unlock iOS 6 Maps in Cydia and it should come up in the search results. Once installed, 3D Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation should now be accessible on your device as well. Be warned though, since these features aren't optimized for older devices so it is given that it will affect the performance of your device.

Both 3D Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation are features that require considerable amount of horsepower. This is the main reason why it is only available for later devices. Apple's decision to leave out older devices from these features is considered to be sensible move since older models won't be able to run these features optimally and it will only slow down performance across the boards. But still, in case you don't really mind that, you can use this tweak by Ryan Petrich to unlock iOS 6 Maps and try out these features yourself.

Apple is currently on a bit of a jam lately and this can be attributed to the spotty performance of iOS 6 Maps. Messed up 3D view and wrong directions are just some of the blunders which are reported by iOS 6 users. The incident is now widely referred to as "Mapgate". We're quite sure that Apple will find a way to address these matters and improve iOS 6 Maps.


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