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Top 15 Best iPhone 5 Cases

As this point, you have probably had your eager hands on Apple' latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 5. Based on its specs and build alone, it is quite clear that the iPhone 5 is a whole new different beast, especially when compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 4 / 4S. Some of the most notable changes with the latest iPhone is the fact that it now sports a taller 4-inch display and an aluminum-based design. While this is definitely a significant treat for fans, this also means that you will have to invest again in some new accessories. One accessory that comes to mind is your iPhone 5 case. Any sensible gadget owner will surely invest in one. We took the liberty of putting up some of the best iPhone 5 cases we can find. This is the Top 15 Best iPhone 5 Cases.

Top 15 Best iPhone 5 Cases

Best iPhone 5 Cases

iLuv Festival Hardshell Case

iLuv Festival Hardshell Case Best iPhone 5 Cases
Now let's kick-off the list with something fun and playful. The iLuv Festival Hardshell Case is perfect for those who wants to keep it casual while still being able to protect their iPhone 5. While this is certainly not the best iPhone 5 case in terms of protection, it can still protect your iPhone from scratches and drops. The colors available are fairly soft which is great for casual use. The fit of the case is customized so you will be able to access all ports and controls with ease.

Price: $ 29.99

Belkin Ease-Fit Armband

Belkin Ease-Fit Armband Best iPhone 5 Cases
If you are ever planning on using your iPhone 5 as your workout buddy, then you should ensure that you can protect it real nice and without letting it cause too much fuss. If that is the case, then the Belkin Ease-Fit Armband should warrant your investment. Whether you run for miles or pumping irons, this case should be able to keep your iPhone 5 safe. It is water resistant so it can protect your device from moisture. Definitely a good workout accessory for the fitness enthusiasts.

Price: $19.99

Belkin Flex Case – 2 Pack

Belkin Flex Case – 2 Pack Best iPhone 5 Cases
When it comes to iPhone cases, you just can't deny the popularity of silicone cases. Such cases have such a nice feel to it and it can improve your grip on the device to prevent accidental drops. If you are one to prefer silicone cases, then you will surely find a lot to love in the Belkin Flex Case – 2 Pack. As the name implies, you get two cases for the price of one. It has a pretty neat zigzag pattern on its back which is designed to improve grip. It is available in two color packs: Black / White and Violet / Maroon.

Price: $19.99

Otterbox Commuter

Otterbox Commuter Best iPhone 5 Cases
Otterbox is no obscure company when it comes to iPhone cases and other accessories. They have a pretty solid track record of providing some of the best cases for the iPhone. The Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 case is a good option for those who want a case that is sleek enough but still can provide great protection in case the device gets thrown around. It is built with two-layers of protection and an adhesive screen protector however it is thin enough to prevent it from being too bulky. A really solid case if you ask me.

Price: $34.95

Case-Mate Glam

Case-Mate Glam Best iPhone 5 Cases
Case-Mate Glam is the perfect iPhone 5 case for those who love to keep things stylish and chic. One of the first things that you will notice with this case is that it has a glitter coated inlay with smooth finish, which should remind you of these days' high fashion. It also sports a slim two-piece design that comes together in order to create a truly sleek profile. The case is design with soft silicone interior liner which provides not just attention to detail but extra protection as well.

Price: $40.00

Belkin View

Belkin View Best iPhone 5 Cases
Belkin View is the case of choice of folks that wish to show off the beauty of their iPhone 5 (who doesn't?). This is because this case is made of a transparent polycarbonate panel complete with camera cutouts. This enables you to showcase your iPhone's back panel and the Apple logo. On top of that, it also has an impact-resistant TPU band around the edges that protects against all sorts of scratches and dings. The TPU band is candy-coated which somehow gives it a neat neon look. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Price: $19.99

Case-Mate Barely There

Case-Mate Barely There Best iPhone 5 Case
Case-Mate's Barely There series has always been a popular choice in the company's line-up of cases. As the name suggests, this iPhone 5 case will feel like you have nothing on your iPhone at all. The ultra-slim design is perfect for folks who are looking for a non-bulky solution but still provides the best kind of protection. The impact resistant hard shell covers both the front and back, while the lay-flat feature protects the front of the device's screen by extending the bezel above the screen. Definitely a classic case which is sure not to disappoint those who are looking for a functional slim case.

Price: $30.00

Griffin Chevron

Griffin Chevron Best iPhone 5 Cases
Some of the most accessible solutions when it comes to iPhone cases are those that uses a snap-on design. They are a breeze to install and removing them is also just as easy. With that said, Griffin Chevron is a great buy for those who are looking to have an iPhone 5 case with a no-fuss snap-on design. It is made of hard-shell polycarbonate so you can trust that it can protect your iPhone rather well. It is also designed in such a way that will allow you access the multi-Touch display, all ports and controls easily.

Price: $24.99

iLuv Pocket Agent

iLuv Pocket Agent Best iPhone 5 Cases
Some people just want to keep it classy while rocking their iPhones. In case you are one of those people, then iLuv's Pocket Agent will surely be right down your alley. It is exactly what you can expect from a premium leather case. Classy, stylish, and can protect your iPhone from all sorts of damage. Being a leather case, this is a case which you can just carry and go. It is fully customized in order to ensure that you will be able to properly access your iPhone 5's ports and controls.

Price: $34.99

Griffin Moxy

Griffin Moxy iPhone 5 Cases
Now here's something for those who have a thing for the exotic. Griffin's Moxy case series features jungle-inspired pattern which definitely gives off that primal vibe but still manages to come off as classy. But this isn't all about the looks, this series has a dual-layer synthetic and polycarbonate shell. So as far as performance go, you won't yourself disappointed. Despite being able to provide high quality protection, this case still manages to be rather slim which means that you can just chuck your iPhone 5 into your pocket with no problem.

Price: $29.99

Speck Candy Shell Grip

Speck Candy Shell Grip Best iPhone 5 Cases
Speck Candy Shell Grip is case that is certainly not lacking when it comes to the performance front. It is always nice to come across a case that will not just protect your iPhone 5 but it provides excellent grip as well. The interwoven plastic and rubber grips helps in keeping your grip tight while still managing to keep things stylish. This case comes in five assortment of colors and with a one-year warranty.

Price: $34.95

Cygnett WorkMate

Cygnette WorkMate Pack Best iPhone 5 Cases
Dropping your iPhone is certainly one of the worst things that you can do to the device. And this is why we buy cases for our expensive gadgets. Cygnett's WorkMate iPhone 5 case is touted as a shock absorbing case, so you know that the protection quality that it can offer is no pushover. Even if you drop your iPhone 5 in solid concrete, this case will be able to absorb the impact and protect the handset from significant damage.

Price: $29.99

Lifeproof Case

Lifeproof Case Best iPhone 5 Cases
Now we're getting into the really good stuff. The Lifeproof case is capable of withstanding even the harshest of elements. To start off, it can withstand water. You heard that right, it is waterproof, making it a great solution for folks who want to take their iPhone anywhere near any bodies of water or if one just wants to use it while showering. On top of that, it can protect your iPhone 5 from ice, snow, sleet, dust, sand, grit, mud, drops, knocks and tumbles. This case is fully sealed and designed according to military specifications.

Price: TBA

Ballistic Hard Core

Ballisitic Hard Core iPhone 5 Cases
If touch cases are your thing, then you just can't go wrong with Ballistic's Hard Core Series Case. This nifty case offers not one, not two but five layers of advanced protection. Some of the protection that you can expect are built-in screen protector, water resistant mesh over all speakers, and an extremely durable rotating holster. This should protect your iPhone 5 from drops, fingerprints, scratches, dust, and many others. This is still not yet available but we suggest that you keep an eye on it.

Price: $59.99

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Best iPhone 5 Cases
Otterbox is known as a company that provides tough-as-nails cases and one of its most popular products is the Defender Series, and for good reasons. Provided that you won't mind the added bulk to your beautiful iPhone 5, this case will offer you with top-of-the-line protection. It features three layers of protection including a polycarbonate skeleton that cushions the device while the built-in screen protector keeps your iPhone from accumulating smudges and scratches. It comes with a handy belt-clip as well.

Price: $49.95

So there you have it, some of the best iPhone 5 cases that you can use to protect your iPhone. What is your favorite from this list? Is there any particular case that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments about your favorite iPhone 5 cases.

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    gord summer9 years, 1 month ago

    i like the LIFEPROOF CASE THE MOST  however the sound strength is reduced  due to being water tight . the belt clip is somewhat difficult to handle . the screen is kept very clear unobstructed which makes the unit loveable .the defender is less pricy but bulky and the screen is not as wide open  .