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Breaking News: Siri Co-founder Leaves Apple

The engineer who helped build Siri, the virtual assistant that made the iPhone 4S so popular, Adam Cheyer, has left Apple. This is according to Bloomberg, who cited three people said to be familiar with the situation.

SiriAccording to one anonymous source cited by Bloomberg, the Siri co-founder left Apple recently, even though he was part of the company's mobile software group. This makes the second departure since Apple acquired the company that developed Siri. Dag Kittlaus, the Chief Executive Officer, was the first to leave the company in April 2010 and now Adam Cheyer has followed his example.

We don't have any inside information about the reasoning behind Cheyer's departure other than the fact that since its introduction, although it was a great addition to the iPhone, Siri has faced lots of criticism from some users. They have complained that the virtual assistant doesn't exactly match the experience presented by Apple's commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson for example.

Siri even faced several lawsuits across the globe, as well as a class-action lawsuit with customers claiming Apple mislead them with its advertising. Meanwhile Tim Cook has expressed his belief that Siri's new features will make lots of people happy. And that Siri has been the most popular feature of the iPhone 4S, yet "there is more that it can do."

During this year's WWDC keynote, Scot Forstall introduced several great additions to Siri. We expect that on September 12, the day of the iPhone 5 launch, we can expect to see even more, if we believe Tim Cook's statemet of, "I think you will be really pleased with some of the things you're going to see over the coming months."

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