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Two New Photos Of Apple Alleged 9-pin Dock Connector

During the past few weeks, lots of contradictory rumors have surfaced about the possible new dock connector, with some saying only 9 pins and others cutting down the pins even more. Finally, we’ve had a picture leak from China showing the brand-new dock connector, which will have only 9 pins, and now we’ve found two more via the and forums, so the sync cable mystery is off now.

dock connector iPhone 5
dock connector iPhone 5
These two images, however, allow a closer view of the plug, showcasing 8 visible pins on each of its sides. While other pictures have already given us a closer view of the new component that ships with the iPhone 5 (presentation due tomorrow), the latest photos bring a closer and more detailed view.

As you can see on the images, there is a tiny circle, or maybe a C, engraved into the base of the connector. Right now, we have no idea what this means exactly (maybe “c ya later”?). But as you already know, Apple does everything for a specific reason. It remains to be seen what the exact role of these details revealed by the images will be.

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