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Passbook Already Supports Mobile Boarding

Apple's Passbook application is ready for action. It started with the Australian Shaun Lorrain, who checked in for a Virgin Australia flight by accessing the airline's mobile website via his iPhone running iOS 6, and magic! He saw this message: "It appears that you have Passbook installed on your mobile device. Would you like to add this boarding pass to you Passbook?"

This is the first report of the mysterious Passbook in action, as the only information we have had until now is that the application will be one of the core elements of iOS 6, and that it aims to free your wallet of most plastic cards and paper coupons.

This is a great example of how useful the technology will be in real life. Since then, we’ve had confirmation that another three airlines have made public their support for the iOS 6 Passbook application: American Airlines, United and Delta.

In addition, accesso, a provider of attraction ticketing, has recently announced that it is joining the line of travel industry suppliers who are adapting their ticketing platforms to support Passbook, the application that will allow iPhone users running iOS 6 to collect and easily access digital versions of loyalty rewards, boarding passes, sports and concert tickets, and all of them packed into this neat little application.

This means that when Apple's iOS 6 comes out of beta—and this will happen within a few days, right after the announcement of the iPhone 5—users will have plenty of digital tickets to choose from. And this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. With Passbook, Apple is reinventing the digital wallet, and effectively scrapping the need for NFC.

While we are counting down the hours until the Apple event, lots of readers have hailed the idea of Passbook and what it adds to the mainstream mobile payment system. How about you? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below!

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