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Leaked iPad Mini Photo Shows Discrepancy Between Earlier Reports

New photos have surfaced claiming to show the aluminum back of the rumored 7.85-inch iPad. The images come from the Chinese website digi.163 and at first glance appear to be in line with the previous iPad mini image claims, but a closer look reveals slight differences regarding the design.

iPad mini
One of the most obvious elements is the headphone jack, which was assumed to be located at the bottom of the iPad mini, like has been seen on the iPhone 5, with the device's 8-pin dock connector and speakers. Some images that surfaced earlier last moth showcased the headphone jack near the new 8-pin dock connector.

Interesting to note though, is that the latest image leaks are placing the headphone jack on the top of the iPad mini, and also shows two holes. One of the holes is being rumored to be a rear-facing camera, but the second one's function is unknown at this time.

While it’s yet unknown why the latest image leaks don't match 100% with earlier photos, one of the first possible explanation is a redesign, while the second obvious one is illegitimacy.

Apple is expected to launch a smaller version of its most popular iPad (aka iPad mini) and if the rumors are correct, the device will be as thin as an iPod touch, and will feature thinner bezels. [Via]
iPad mini
iPad mini
iPad mini

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