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Are iPhone Users Less Satisfied With iOS 6?

Turns out that not all of the 100 million+ users who upgraded to iOS 6 last weekend are happy with Apple's latest mobile operating system. However, a new survey conducted by mobile customer research company On Device has found that iPhone users are less satisfied with iOS 6 than iOS 5.

iOS 6 consumer satisfaction
Apple recorded a huge jump in consumer satisfaction when iOS 5 replaced iOS 4, but now this essential element in the company's success has been hurt. While the drop is small, it is the first time Apple has recorded a drop in consumer satisfaction.

"We have always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumer upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another, consumers with iOS 5 are more satisfied with their device and the same is true on Android. The decrease is small, however it does highlight that initial reaction to the new operating system is not an overwhelming success, as we have seen with other operating system upgrades," the company said in an email statement sent to us.

Fact is, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the missing Google Maps, which was replaced by Apple's in-house designed maps in partnership with TomTom, so this could be one possible reason. However, this isn't the only complaint: some users are complaining about battery life, others of app crashes, but the new search results interface is also a subject of complaints.

While there could be a slight drop in satisfaction among new iOS 6 users, Apple still tops satisfaction surveys compared to other devices, as a recent JD Power Survey shows. What about you? Did you enjoy using iOS 6?

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