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iPhone 5 Teardown

The guys from flew into the future just to put their hands on the iPhone 5, and, of course, to tear it apart. Also, Chipworks have put themselves to work and have taken the new iPhone under their loop to give us gadget addicts all the inside information about what's under that aluminum, unibody shell.

The iFixit teardown revealed (in case you end up with your iPhone 5's 4-inch screen shattered) that it will take only a couple easy steps to replace, because the latest Apple handset opens from front to back. Going further, after they had taken the iPhone 5 apart, the guys from iFixit gave a 7 reparability rating (with 10 being the easiest to repair).

iphone 5

Inside the iPhone 5

Meanwhile, Chipworks have started to dissect the iPhone 5 as well, revealing iPhone 5 secrets starting from the mysterious A6 chip, through the 8 MP iSight camera and the improved battery.

We reported earlier that Apple has decided to go with a custom-designed system-on-a–chip, and that's the A6 processor we find inside the iPhone 5. However, we didn't get any information as to whether it will be the possible fab transfer from Samsung to TSMC or Apple-designed ARM cores. Well, thanks to Chipworks, we now know that the die has the following parameters: 9.70 mm x 9.97 mm and has the markings APL0589B01.

iPhone 5

In addition, UBM techInsights has taken the A6 chip under their loop, revealing the first diffusion images of the new SoC. As they point out, the image shows two 32-bit LPDDR2 memory channels and three GPU cores. UBM Tech names Samsung as the chip manufacturer. On the other hand, Chipworks says we are looking at a 1 GB Elpida LP DDR2 SDRAM, according to the labeling, which is interesting. Let me tell you why: the infographic shown during the Apple Keynote presented Samsung RAM in the A6 chip. But Apple decided to cut down the number of chip orders from its biggest rival -- maybe they simply want to avoid the spying Samsung eyes -- and as the image above shows, Apple has moved towards investing in Elpida.

iPhone 5 iSight camera

The iPhone 5 camera analysis -- Chipworks -- shows that its primary camera is supplied by Sony. A quick pixel measurement resulted in a size of 1.4 µm, which is similar to the iPhone 4S' IMX145, so they have proven scientifically that we are indeed talking about an 8 MP iSight camera.

The front-facing camera is provided by Omnivision, and what is most exciting of all is that these sensors are great pieces of hardware, providing high-quality images.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

The bottom line: turns out the Piper Jaffray study was right, and you folks really want to buy the latest piece of high-quality gadgetry. As the first videos and images showcasing the long queues across the globe where the iPhone 5 went on sale yesterday, as well as the 2 million pre-orders in 24 hours highlight, the holiday quarter will be the best three-month period in Apple's history in terms of iPhone sales. [Image courtesy of & Chipworks]

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