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iPhone 5 Won’t Feature A NFC Chip

The latest images leaked show additional parts of the iPhone 5 that Apple will announce in just a couple days. Last week the blogosphere was going crazy claiming that Apple will indeed implement an NFC chip into the next generation iPhone, based on a picture showing the display and a mystery product.

iPhone 5
Sonny Dickson was quick to take the images under his loop just to find that earlier claims where false. There will be no NFC chip in the iPhone 5, as the mysterious part is the speaker, based on recent images he got from his source revealing what's underneath the metal casing that supposedly housed the rumored chip.

This means the rumor of a digital wallet iPhone 5 is busted, so don't count on it. Sonny Dickson's findings comply with Jim Dalrymple's report last week, that already cooled the voices down saying that Apple's next generation iPhone won't feature the technology currently found on Android-based smartphones, and other handsets that compete with the iPhone.

Instead, as we reported earlier this week, there is the kind of mysterious iOS 6 application, Passbook, that is the key for an Apple-like mobile transaction. With the endless possibilities Passbook opens without the need of an additional radio chip, is it very likely that the Cupertino company will totally trash the NFC chip theory.

Another interesting and maybe disappointing bit of news coming from Sony Dickson is the partnership between Apple and Authentec didn't materialize into an iPhone 5 fingerprint scanner, at least in what it appears to be a complete front assembly. However, this doesn't mean the fingerprint scan technology won't become part of the iPhone 5, since Apple likes to keep the core elements of its presentation secret. We look forward to Apple's keynote on September 12th, when we will finally see the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
iPhone 5

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