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Is The iPhone 5 Keyboard Less Sensitive?

Since its launch, the iPhone has been has been synonymous with high quality which has obviously helped the device become the most popular handset in the smartphone market. However, if you remember, each and every model of the iPhone had its issue, although none of them went as mainstream as the "Antennagate" which made the iPhone 4 both hated and popular.

iPhone 5 keyboard
The iPhone 5 has finally reached its new owners and there have been multiple reports that highlight quality control issues with some users reporting that their devices were scratched right out of the box, or had painting issues.

Besides the mainstream Apple Maps vs. Google Maps and the aforementioned problems, the iPhone 5 seems to have another issue: its keyboard. Reports claim that the keyboard is less sensitive than previous models, at least that’s according to some users. While we can't compare it to Android devices, it does seem like the keyboard is less sensitive than the iPhone 4S keyboard.

We don't know if this issue affects a wide range of users, but according to the guys at iPhoneItalia, when they performed tests they found that when typing in portrait mode, especially when typing quickly, some letters are "forgotten" by the iPhone. This is despite them having been pressed. This issue, however, appears only when the user types quickly as when they typed more carefully, the iPhone 5 keyboard reacted normally.

One of the possible explanations of the keyboard issue is the iPhone 5's ergonomics. Since it is taller, and slimmer than the previous two models, it requires a new type of interaction. Holding an iPhone 5 in your hand is totally different when compared to the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. So it obviously affects the speed and accuracy of typing on the new iPhone, resulting in a lighter press than required.

Another explanation could be related to the new technology Apple uses: in-cell tech. For those unaware, this means the pixels on the iPhone 5’s display also serve as touch sensors, which theoretically should assure a greater precision of the keyboard for instance.

Also, it could be just a simple iOS 6 incompatibility issue, which Apple can fix with a software update. We'll see what Apple has to say about this soon. And what about you? Let us know if you are facing any issues with your iPhone 5 using the comments section.

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    fatal army9 years ago

    *two letters.

    fatal army9 years ago

    I’ve personally noticed that when I type fast, it will register everything, but what happens is that, just like when you hold your thumb down to make it go over to another letter, it’s registering it as if I did that instead of actually typing to letters.

    fatal army9 years ago

    I’m with you guys on this problem.

    Katie9 years ago

    Be had a lot of issues. It’s very frustrating! I hope apple fixes it soon. 

    Roger9 years ago

    On portrait I’m having so much problems with keys on the sidesQ’s and P’s and same thing with numbers, all keys on the edge of screen, I’m having problems.You almost have to press inner half of key board to get it rightThis is my first iPhone, had Samsung galaxy 1 for two years before changing to iphone5I have 8 more days before I can return….

      Jaxov Team9 years ago

      I tried it myself and i had the same problem ;-)…

    Mike9 years ago

    I agree that keyboard is less sensitive. I had a droid incredible before iPhone and I could type very fast. Now, I’ve had to slow down and be more deliberate than ever before. It’s really annoying. I’ve typed on a 4s and liked the keyboard. 

    Hay9 years ago

    Yes def issues w the keyboard