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Rumor: iPhone 5 Headphones Will Feature A New Design, Better Sound

As the iPhone 5 release date approaches we got more information about the next generation handset as well as accessories that ship with the eagerly awaited device. This time a Vietnamese site has put their hands on what they claim to be the redesigned headphone of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 headphones
What we know so far is the iPhone 5 accessory is manufactured in a Foxconn factory in Vietnam. Looking at the pictures and the video the headphone appears to be genuine. The site has posted videos of the iPad 3 days before it arrived to customers in the US, so we can say it is a credible source.

According to their testing the new headphone provides better user experience, the sound quality of much better than the previous generation accessory. It features more channels and clearer sound. [Via iCLarified, Image courtesy of]

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    I really like the design of the new heaphones. Go Apple! :):)

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        After all we are talking about Apple.