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iPhone 5 Is Forecast To Drive Record Apple Smartphone Sales In The Holiday Quarter

Since the iPhone hit the market, every new model has generated a large quarter-over-quarter increase in sales. Apple's release cycle plays a huge role in this rise, as potential smartphone buyers hold off purchasing ahead of a new release. This was the exact phenomenon that depressed iPhone sales in Q2 of this year.

iPhone 5
IHS forecasts the iPhone 5 will be a major success in the market, helping to drive Apple’s smartphone shipments in 2012 to 149 million units, up 60 percent from 93 million in 2011 and here is why. In just a week, the iPhone 5 will be in the stores, and since there will be only a week until the end of the third calendar quarter, most of the iPhone 5 sales bump will happen in the last quarter of the year. IHS predicts the holiday quarter will represent Apple's biggest quarter in terms of iPhone sales.

“Unlike last year's release of the iPhone 4S, this year's iPhone 5 announcement comes as a significant departure from previous models,” said Daniel Gleeson, mobile analyst for IHS. “Theaddition of a new, larger screen is a fundamental change in product design. Furthermore, the iPhone 5 is the first member of Apple’s smartphone line to feature 4G long term evolution (LTE) connectivity, accelerating data speeds dramatically compared to previous models. These major improvements will drive strong sales for the iPhone 5.”

The iPhone 5's 4-inch touchscreen is among the key features that will make the difference compared to previous-generation iPhones, IHS Suppli notes. In addition, the new in-cell technology minimizes the distance between the user and the display, so the user experience will be slightly different than on the others.

A second advantage, the IHS Suppli report highlights once again, is the iOS ecosystem: while in the Android market developers face the challenge of a variety of screen sizes and aspect ratios, as well as resolution, the new iPhone doesn't fragment the iOS ecosystem, making it much easier for developers to adapt their apps for all 400 million iOS device users.

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