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iPhone 5 Features Apple Customized Core & 1GB Memory Size

It is safe to say that the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5 is perhaps one of the worst kept secrets by the folks over at Cupertino. While it is always fair to expect the sheer volume of rumors and leaks with each new iPhone release, what were brought into the attention of the media have pretty much prepared the general public with regards to Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. While there are sure many things which were announced last Wednesday during the iPhone 5 event, it was worth noting that Apple didn't touch on the raw specifications of the device such as the new A6 CPU Chip and the RAM. Fortunately, new reports have emerged which analyzes the internals of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Specifications
The folks from AnandTech have dug around and found out some interesting things under the hood about the iPhone 5. These analyses concern the iPhone 5's new A6 Chip and the RAM.

iPhone 5 CPU

Apple A6 Chip
As per usual, Apple didn't announce any sort of further detail about the iPhone 5's internals such as the clock speeds and CPU microarchitecture. Instead, the company went on to explain just how the new CPU can improve the usability and performance of the new iPhone with regards to basic tasks. According to AnandTech, it was speculated that the iPhone 5's system-on-a-chip (SoC) will simply be a modified version of the A5X chip which is found on the latest iPad. But as it turned out, such speculations were off.
iPhone 5 A6 CPU
After further digging, AnandTech found out that the A6 is the very first SoC of Apple to utilize its own ARMv7 inspired processor design. As it turned out, The CPU core(s) are not based upon a vanilla A9 or A15 design but instead, it is something that Apple made on its own, a customized core. So what does this mean? Well, instead of simply scaling the numbers to improve the performance, Apple took into account the power efficiency of the device as well. Customizing enables the company to create a CPU that will perfectly suit their needs. During Apple's keynote, the iPhone 5 was promised to deliver 2x better performance and longer battery life. Click here to read more about the iPhone 5's custom cores.

iPhone 5 Memory

iPhone 5 Memory Bandwidth Chart
By analyzing the A6 SoC images from the iPhone 5 event, AnandTech were able to pinpoint the details regarding the memory interface, speed, and bandwidth of the new A6 platform. Generally, Apple creates a chip that combines the SoC with the DRAM. This helps in saving space especially when you are creating the lightest and thinnest smartphones around. And with respect to that, the A6 SoC is no exception.

Apparently, Apple made no attempt to obscure the specifics of its A6 slide during the event, which thus led to the identification of the part (made by Samsung): K3PE7E700F-XGC2. And with that, it was easy to find out that the memory of the iPhone 5 is a 32-bit channel LPDDR2 package composed of two DRAM die (512 MB per die) which amounts to 1GB in total. Based on what was given, it was also determined that the chip features a 1066MHz cycle time/data rate, with maximum supported bandwidth of 8528 MB / second. That is estimated to be 33% more peak memory bandwidth than the last iPhone, the 4S.

Again, these sort of details are far too technical for a layman and not something that Apple will explicitly advertise for their devices. The company would rather explain how the new specs can affect the functionality and performance of the device, and for an average consumer, that is all they ever need to know. However, it is still cool to know these details regarding the iPhone 5.

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