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First iPhone 5 Booting Video Surfaces On The Web

Boy, Tim Cook must be maaaad!! Apple sent out an invitation to the press just the other day, and the first completely assembled, fully functional iPhone 5 has hit the Web!

iPhone 5
The official launch won't be held until next Wednesday, but if the device you see in the video is real, than you are watching the first iPhone 5 boot up—and it's amazing! And the story behind this: According to MIC Gadget, a tipster told, a Chinese tech media, that he had "accidentally" put his hands on an iPhone 5 prototype while visiting his friend at the Foxconn factory in Jincheng.

This is the place where Foxconn workers have recently been finishing 3,000 iPhone 5 back shells each night. As the tipster describes, the iPhone 5 grabbed from the Foxconn factory feels lighter, and is indeed thinner and taller than its predecessor. As he held the device in his hands, he quickly took some photos and shot the footage you see below.

As you can see, the iPhone 5 boots up faster than the iPhone 4S, but it then gives an error, prompting the user to register the device. Are you excited? We surely are! And the days until the Apple launch are sooooo loooong! [via MICGadget]

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