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Top 10 HD Retina Display WinterBoard Themes for iPhone 4S

It is a fact that folks love to customize just about every aspect of their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While Apple does not allow much customization right off the box, iOS device owners can always turn to the jailbreak community for their customization needs. And when you talk about the subject of customization, it will be impossible not to touch upon the matter of theming / skinning. And of course, you just can't talk about theming without discussing Saurik's very own theming solution, Winterboard. If you have an iPhone 4S and really want to take advantage of its HD Retina Display, then you should definitely check out this list of HD Winterboard themes. This is the Top 10 HD Retina Display WinterBoard Themes for iPhone 4S.

Top 10 HD Retina Display iPhone 4S Themes

iPhone 4S Themes Winterboard


MiOS Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
Now let's start off without something simple yet remarkably elegant. The idea of author Truckinlow is to create a theme that will embody both the style of the Mac OS and the iPhone iOS and combining them into one elegant user interface. This is a theme which can only be described as clean and classy. Since this is an HD theme, you can see that the icons are extremely sharp looking. Available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 3.


Ambriel Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
Ambriel is yet another theme that exudes elegance, although it is a very simple theme. This is a highly recommended for users who are looking for a no-nonsense theme but does not skimp when it comes to the visual aesthetics department. The app icons look rather slick and most of the popular apps icons are themed as well (although you might have to download some icon graphics to replace some of your apps). This is a full UI theme which means that everything is pretty much modified. It is available in pretty pink.


Boss.iOS Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
Boss.iOS is a theme from seasoned modder FIF7Y. This theme just screams elegance and style but still manages to be quirky enough which makes this theme a lot of fun to use. As you can see from the rounded app icons, there seems to be futuristic theme going on but it is somehow presented in a bit of a cartoonish way. But as you can see from the screenshot, this is a beautiful theme that is definitely worth checking out. Now be a boss and get one of the best HD Winterboard themes now.

Jaku for iOS 5

Jaku (pronounced “jack-ew”) is a premium theme that is fully compatible for iOS 5 and HD Retina Display devices. What stands out about this theme is the work that went into the icons, it is pretty well-done and projects a somehow 3D effect. Yet again, this is a complete theme which means other elements of the UI have been modified to perfection such as the notification badges, dock, Lock Screen, and many others. About 100 third party app icons and supported but if you wish to download more, you can download more mods from here.

Faith HD

Faith HD Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
Now if you are looking for a while theme instead of the usual dark ones, then Faith HD might just be the perfect theme that you are looking for. The idea of the author is to create a theme which is predominantly white complete with custom made and highly-detailed icons. And yes, the icons are indeed well-made on this particular iPhone 4S Themes. I'd say the theme is worth getting just for the detailed icons alone. But that would be underselling this theme because it looks great and is a great option for those that want a good white theme.


Ayecon Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
Ayecon, (pronounced "icon" or "ai-con") as the author claims it, is the benchmark in iOS theming. If you are in search of the best Retina WinterBoard themes, then you can likely end your search with Ayecon. This theme is said to be designed in order to fully utilize every single pixel of Apple's Retina display to the max. As you can see, aside from the amazing looking icons, it doesn't deviate much from the default look and feel of iOS. So this is a great theme for those who doesn't want to preserve the old iOS look but with high quality icons.

Leg1on HD

Leg1on is a group comprised of known themers and modders that have come together for the sole purpose of creating a theme which is offered for free. That's right, this particular theme is offered for the low price of nothing. However, the members are urging those that have downloaded the theme to make a donation to charity institutions such as The World Food Programme. But that is not the reason why this theme is a must-have. As you can see, this is a high quality theme which looks slick and stylish. The illuminated blue theme is just downright eye-catching.


When it comes to WinterBoard Themes for iPhone 4S, 266HD is pretty much a minimalists dream. Instead of having highly detailed and elaborate icons, this theme has simplistic but slick black icons. This is as simple as it gets but don't get me wrong. The theme looks rather brilliant and it goes well with the iPhone's visual appeal. There is also a strong community that is backing up with theme as there is a wide variety of user mods that are available for it. Elegant, slick and simplistic, definitely one of the best HD WinterBoard Themes out there.

Elite PRO HD

Elite PRO HD Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
Elite PRO HD is a Winterboard theme that has been around for quite some time now. Most seasoned Winterboard themers regard Elite PRO HD as a classic theme and for good reason. If you are looking for the classiest theme out there, then this theme should be more than enough to fill your needs. It manages to be stunning without going over the top. Apart from providing you one of the best looking Winterboard themes out there, Elite PRO HD is also optimized for lightning fast use. Just an impressive theme overall and definitely deserves a spot in this list.

iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution

iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution Top iPhone 4S Winterboard Themes
iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution is a theme born out of the collaboration of two of the best themers out there, K.Nitsua and barsoverbeats. As far as Retina Display devices go, this theme is a great way to showcase Apple's display technology. Each individual icon is highly detailed and designed one by one. But what makes this theme really shine is the fact that it is open to customization. If you wish to enhance this theme to a higher degree, you can choose to download mods. Although out of the box, this is a complete theme already with pretty much all aspect of the iOS designed. A personal favorite of mine.

And that's it for the Retina Display WinterBoard Themes. Most of these themes can be downloaded off Cydia. At least make sure that you have the BigBoss and ModMyi repositories. I'm quite aware that I might have missed a lot of kickass Winterboard themes out there. And if I did, don't jump on me. This is merely my own take on what are the best HD WinterBoard themes.

So what are your favorite iPhone 4S Themes?

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