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New Photos Of The Alleged iPad Mini

You remember how fast the rumor mill spilled the iPhone 5 rumors, and how prompt we were to make the information available to you, dear reader. With the official launch taking place on September 12 as expected, a natural silence has settled. However, as Apple products are released rapidly, one after another, it is now time for iPad mini rumors.

iPad mini
Although it was whispered that the iPad mini will be launched during the same event the iPhone 5 was made public, we expressed our belief that this device will certainly have a separate event, as its launch will be a milestone in Apple's history. Steve Jobs was against a smaller iPad, but during the trial of the twenty-first century, new evidence surfaced confirming the market is ripe for a 7-inch iPad. Even Jobs was playing around with the idea of seeing that happen.

Now, we have seen a couple image leaks so far, some of them showing discrepancies from the earlier ones, and today another Chinese site has published a series of photos of what they claim to be the iPad mini. Fact is, they are in line with previous leaks, and even show the iPad running (supposedly) iOS 5 as the YouTube icon is still visible on the screen.

Putting this information aside, as you can see, the images show the new Lightning connector port, a strange hole on the back and, as expected, a thinner bezel along the side. We can't say this is THE iPad mini, but it surely looks like a real one, if it isn't a Chinese clone.

Our conclusion: the iPad mini launch is just around the corner, as October is near, and we expect the device to hit the market at the beginning of next month. In other words, the smaller version iPad is already in a very advanced stage of manufacturing, so you can expect a video of this device to hit YouTube anytime soon.

iPad mini
iPad mini

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