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The iPad Mini And GF2 Technology

A new rumor about the upcoming iPad mini was spilled by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who claims in his research note that the device will feature GF2 technology. This would make Apple the first company to produce and commercialize this technology.

iPad mini
At first glance, the technology brings multiple benefits for both Apple and consumers: As a result of GF2 tech, the iPad mini would be thinner and lighter than expected, posing a particular challenge for the Cupertino company.

Currently Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones are representatives of the glass substrate-using type, which means the iPhone has the GG (Glass-Glass) structure that forms the X-axis sensing electrode on the upper surface of a glass substrate and Y-axis sensing electrode on the bottom surface of a glass substrate, the Displaybank report highlights. Although Apple’s GG method and GF (Glass/film) designs are the most popular technologies, there have been several attempts to develop products like G1F, and G2, which are thinner and have better transmittance. G2 is cover window integrated touch, which doesn’t require a separate touch sensor.

According to the analyst, the iPad mini’s display thickness will drop below 2.2 millimeters, or below 4.2 millimeters including the printed circuit board, well below the average tablet existing on the market.

Apple screen GF2 tech
Furthermore, the iPad mini will also feature two cameras: a high definition front-facing camera and a 5-megapixel back camera. The iPad mini tech specs, as well as the content environment Apple provides with the device, will push iPad mini sales—expected to launch at the beginning of October, around the same date as last year’s iPhone 4S launch—up to 10.2 million. [Via AppleInsider]

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