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iOS 6 Features: Lost Mode

Apple is working at full throttle to enhance its services, and this time the guys at AppleInsider spotted an interesting improvement that has been added to iOS 6 and iCloud. Apple has added Lost Mode to the pair.

iOS 6 lost mode
The previous version of Find My iPhone includes only the "Lock" feature, which allows users to lock the iDevice and optionally send a message. The new "Lost Mode" does much more than that that. Here is how it works.

If your iDevice running iOS 6 is missing, your can go ahead and login to iCloud, click on Devices, and choose your mobile device. By clicking on Lost Mode, the app will then ask you to enter a phone number and a message. After that, it will lock the device remotely and track it every time it moves. It will then continually send the user email updates as the device changes location, and will reflect the location change on the map.

Lost mode iOS 6

As this is an iOS 6-only feature, devices running earlier versions won't have access to Lost Mode. However, they can be locked remotely along with Macs registered to iCloud's Find My Mac, but wont be able to receive email updates or tracking.

As you can see from the above screenshot, Apple is using Google Maps in its iCloud and not in its native Maps application. The possible explanation is that Maps isn't public yet, as it will be announced in a few days along with the iPhone 5. At the announcement we can expect to see Apple's Maps instead of Google maps pretty soon. [Via AppleInsider]

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