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iOS 6 Features: What to Expect on September 12th, 2012

Last June during the Worldwide Developer's Conference, Apple has finally unveiled the much-awaited next installment of its mobile operating system, the iOS 6. And as you may know already, Apple is already set to hold another major event which will no doubt shake the very world of tech. After months and months of rumors and speculations, Apple has officially announced a September 12 press event in San Francisco. The event is said to be the platform where Apple will finally lift the curtains for the iPhone 5 (or whatever it is that Apple decides to call it). Aside from the unveiling of the new iPhone, there is no doubt that iOS 6 will become a significant part of this upcoming Apple event.

iOS 6 Logo

iOS 6 Features: What to Expect on September 12th, 2012?

iOS 6 Features
While the new iPhone will certainly take the spotlight of the upcoming Apple event, iOS 6 will most likely make a major appearance as well. Traditionally, with every iPhone launched, it is also when Apple will finally take out the next version of iOS out of beta, or at least announce the date of its public release. Now, we will be refreshing your memory as to why you should be excited with iOS 6 as we highlight the features of Apple's next major mobile operating system, along with other details thrown in.

iOS 6 Features

New Maps

iOS 6 Redesigned Maps
Perhaps one of the most notable features of iOS 6, and one which certainly has a fairly large amount of hype, is the new in-house map application of Apple. Apple has went back into the drawing board and created a brand-new map which will completely replace Google's offering. The new Maps application is vector-based which gives way for some highly detailed graphics and text. Apple acquired the C3 Technologies some years ago which paved the way for the creation of this new mapping solution.
But perhaps the standout feature of the new Maps is the ability to view large areas using three main dimensions. Major cities can now be viewed using the new Flyover mode which features amazing photo-realistic and interactive 3D views. Users can easily switch between 3D mode and the default view simply by tapping a button. There are also the new "Locate me" and "Turn-by-turn navigation" features. iOS 6 Maps app is integrated with Yelp, so it should be easier to find businesses from now on.
iOS 6 Redesigned Maps Siri
The new, overhauled 3D Maps will also finally include integration with Siri which suggests that you will now be able to talk with Siri and ask for directions or other inquiries about the map. On top of it all, a new and useful incident reports will also be added to iOS 6.

Updated Siri

iOS 6 Siri Update
While Siri itself is a fascinating feature when it was introduced along with the iPhone 4S, we felt that it is not living up to its full potential. However with iOS 6, Apple is looking to give Siri the much-needed upgrade, making it more useful than ever. First off, Siri will now support more countries and languages. Apart from that, you can now use Siri to provide sports updates for leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and many others. You can even choose to ask Siri regarding the stats for a specific player.

Movie lovers will also have a lot to love in iOS 6 Siri because aside from being able to show you the latest reviews and showtimes, it is integrated with Rotten Tomatoes as well. As per usual, you can still use Siri to find the nearest Italian restaurant business or just about any business that you need to inquire. Another great thing about the new Siri is that it can now be used to launch apps. That's right, you will find yourself saying things like "Launch WhatsApp" or "Open Angry Birds" more often now. Facebook and Twitter are supported as well.

Facebook Integration

iOS 6 Facebook Integration
With iOS 5, Apple has chosen microblogging giant Twitter to be baked right into their operating system. Back then, everyone was asking: what about Facebook? It may seem like a strange omission for Apple's part at that time but it is not anymore with iOS 6 because Facebook will finally be integrated right into the system. Facebook junkies will truly appreciate that they will now be able to update their status, post and tag pictures, like posts, post comments etc. in a much more streamlined manner. On top of that, Facebook (along with Twitter) will be added right into the Notification Center for easy access to your profile.

Shared Photo Streams

iOS 6 Shared Photo Streams
With the all-new Photo Streams, you will have more control as to how you can share your photos. And by that, it means that you can share your photos only to the people that you want to see them. The new Photo Streams also utilizes iCloud and you can even view your streams via an Apple TV. Much like in Facebook, folks can now like your photos and make comments. The good thing is, your shared photo streams won't count against your iCloud max storage.


iOS 6 Passbook
Tim Cook himself said that the iOS 6 Passbook is one of the key features of iOS 6, but without elaborating on it. Passbook is basically a framework that bypasses NFC and creates a platform for retailers and enables smart apps for transaction. This iOS 6 feature will manage boarding passes, store cards, tickets and coupons, and can notify users using its geolocation feature with regards to the coupon that is available for use. Passbook is an extremely easy-to-use system. Retailers can create tickets, sign them and distribute them in such a way that iOS 6 can integrate them into Passbook.

Updated Stock iOS Apps

Apart from having new features that is set to impress the adopters of the "world's most advanced mobile operating system", Apple has made sure that the other good ol' classic iOS apps also get the much-needed update.

Phone. Apple will be adding some oomph to the native Phone app. New calling features will be added to the iPhone such as the option to set you device into “Do Not Disturb” and “Repeated Calls” mode.
iOS 6 Phone
Mail. With ease of use in mind, the default Mail app is updated to make it easier for users to read. A new feature is called VIP inbox which enables you to create a list of your can't-miss contacts, all of which can be easily synced across devices using iCloud. Adding attachments has become a whole lot more accessible as well.
Safari. Mobile Safari has been improved even more in iOS 6 to bring an even better browsing experience for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For starters, you will now be able to save your browsing session and pick right where you left off across different iOS devices, which is made possible with iCloud tabs. Another order of the day is the addition of Offline Reading Lists. You can now also upload your photos without leaving Safari.
FaceTime. Perhaps the most significant change to FaceTime in iOS 6 is the fact that it doesn't only work with WiFi anymore, instead you can make FaceTime calls over your cellular networks.
iOS 6 FaceTime

iOS 6 Availability

iOS 6 Compatibility
It is quite a no-brainer that iOS 6 will come prepackaged with the upcoming iPhone 5. But what about with older hardware? iOS 6 is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad 2
  • The New iPad

As you can see, the first-generation iPad won't be supported anymore. And while older devices can accommodate iOS 6, some of them will be missing a couple of key features. For example, Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation is only available for the iPhone 4S, iPad and the 3rd-gen iPad. Siri is still pretty much exclusive for the iPhone 4S and the 3rd-gen iPad. For the full list of which features are compatible to which device, read this.

iOS 6 Release Date

iPhone 5 iOS 6 Release Date
Well, if things really go down as largely expected, we only have a couple more days to endure before we can finally get our hands into the first public build of iOS 6. At the best case scenario, Apple will open the floodgates for iOS 6 during the September 12th event itself. At worst, eager iOS users will have to wait a week or two before they can finally download iOS 6. Regardless of what will transpire on September 12th, we will make sure that we will be providing the links that will allow you to download iOS 6.


The tech world is obviously wrapped in excitement as people anticipate what can of goodies will Apple open up during the September 12th event. The new iPhone 5 is of course a given which is the main draw of event and arguably the primary source of the hype. Will we see a new redesigned iPhone? Will Apple finally release iOS 6 to the public? Whatever it is that will transpire on the 12th, we are quite sure that the whole world will be paying attention. Stay tuned as we cover the event and gain more information about the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

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