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Video Shows Google Maps Running On iOS 6

While most people are discussing how Apple Maps failed to meet their expectations and what all it lacks, others like Ryan Petrich, an iOS hacker, has put himself to work and recently shared what some thought was impossible to do. He made it possible to have Google Maps in iOS 6.

Google Maps
As Apple announced earlier today, more than 100 million users have upgraded to iOS 6 and they have found the default YouTube and Google Maps wiped out from the operating system. Apple is now using Maps and Passbook to replace those Google apps. However, the search giant already has the YouTube app available in the App Store and we have heard that the Google Maps app is in the works, but we wonder whether Apple will allow it or not.

That's what we are waiting to see in the future. Meanwhile, Apple has hired several Google employees to work on the Maps issues users have already reported. Apple is obviously already aware about the issues, as they published a press release stating that the more people use the Maps app, the better it will become. So in other words, it sounds like it is still in beta, but I didn't find any info about it.

However, while we wait, either for an updated Maps app or a downloadable Google Maps app, Pietrich has prepared a video with Google Maps running on iOS 6. It is a preview of the old Google Maps application and at this point it isn't reliable, as it crashes a lot, so it isn't ready for public release. However when it is ready, the jailbreak community will likely get bigger, as many will jump at the opportunity to have the Google Maps app they are used to use.

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