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Download iTunes 10.7 For Mac & Windows With iOS 6 Support [Direct Links]

If you have been keeping yourself updated with respect to Apple or just the tech industry in general, then you should know that the iPhone 5 is a secret no more. There have been many things that were announced during the iPhone 5 event at the Yerba Buena in San Francisco. With the iPhone 5's retail release on the horizon, along with the general public release of iOS 6, the Cupertino company has also announced that they will be updating its popular media playback and management software, iTunes. iTunes 10.7 for Mac and Windows is now available for your downloading pleasure. Find out more about iTunes 10.7 after the jump.

Download iTunes 10.7
So what are the changes that you can expect from iTunes 10.7? Well, let me just outright say it that if you are expecting something huge in terms of features and changes, then you will be severely disappointed. However, you can expect the standard bug fixes and performance improvements that come with each new software update. iTunes 10.7 does offer something new to the table such as the ability to browse the iTunes Store while the app is launched. At this point, this particular feature feels like a little more than a web-browsing experience, so it won't exactly blow you away. However, the feature does work and it works rather well. Apple said that they will work on this particular integration between the iTunes app and the iTunes App Store, so expect better integration this upcoming October. Of course, it would be difficult not to mention that iTunes 10.7 is a necessary update if you have iOS 6 running on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Apple Software Update iTunes 10.7
While it may not have the most amazing features, updating your iTunes to version 10.7 is something that we highly recommend. Unless of course you want to be stuck with an old software without the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. If you are running iOS 6 on your device, then iTunes 10.7 is a no-brainer download for you. If you are indeed getting iTunes 10.7, there are two ways for you to go at it. First, you can simply launch your iTunes and you will be surely notified of the updates available. Just check all the applicable updates, and install them. However, just in case you want to download an executable installer for iTunes, perhaps for offline installation later, then you can always download the installer file from Apple. For your convenience, we have provided the necessary download links at the bottom of this post.

With the announcement of iPhone 5 and the impending release of iOS 6, it is obvious that Apple has a lot on their plates. It was even rumored that the iPad Mini is going to be announced as well in a couple of weeks. Again, iTunes 10.7 is a necessary update if you want to upgrade your iDevice to iOS 6. As a rule of thumb, it is always best to upgrade to the latest version of just about any software for the best user experience. Download iTunes 10.7 using the links below:

iTunes 10.7 Download Links

Download iTunes 10.7 for Windows
Download iTunes 10.7 for Mac

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