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Apple iPhone 5 VS. Samsung Galaxy S III: Head-To-Head Comparison

So the event has finally come and gone, Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, has finally been unveiled to just about every tech enthusiast in the world. After months of rumors, leaks, mockups, and speculations, everything has been finally put to rest with regards to the iPhone 5. If you have been following all the rumors, you might be quite surprised that the majority of them actually turned out to be true. That being said, you might be wondering, with all the changes and enhancements to the iPhone 5, how does it fare with the other leading smartphones in the market?

iPhone 5 V.S. Galaxy S III
When it comes to a non-Apple smartphone, there is very little doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S III is currently the most successful. Samsung's flagship smartphone has managed to sell 10 million units in just 55 days, and even at one point, it successfully outsold Apple's iPhone 4S, which is no small feat considering the popularity of the iPhone line. Although one can say that such scenario can be attributed to the fact that people are still waiting for the iPhone 5 before they can make their smartphone purchase. And now that the iPhone 5 has been unveiled, it is inevitable that it will be compared against other smartphones.

The iPhone 5 boasts a powerful new A6 processor which is twice as powerful as the iPhone 4S's A5 chip. In addition to that, it has a taller 4-inch display, a feature which is long awaited by many iPhone fans. It is safe to say that the iPhone 5 is now a real contender in the smartphone arena. So just how does Apple's latest smartphone wonder fare against Samsung's Galaxy S III? The folks over at RedmondPie took the liberty of listing the specifications and stats of both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III next to each other. Check out the head-to-head comparison below:
iPhone 5 VS. Galaxy S III Comparison
As you can see, the stats itself are quite similar with only a hair's-breadth of difference. People who wants to have more screen real-estate will obviously prefer the Galaxy S III's massive 4.8-inch display. On the other hand, if plastic is not your thing when it comes to your smartphone construction, then the iPhone 5's aluminum + glass body is a no-brainer. Another notable difference is the absence of NFC on the iPhone 5, although it is debatable if it is indeed a deal-breaker for most customers. As for the number of apps, you can't go wrong with the App Store's 700,000 apps although the Google Play Store is quickly catching up with 600,000 apps and counting.

Obviously, this comparison is not of the most scientific kind and it likely doesn't even scratch the surface when it comes to the potential of both devices. At the end of the day, people will most likely buy a smartphone based on the operating system which they are comfortable with. There is no doubt that Apple's strong branding will come into play here as well, although Samsung isn't exactly a slouch in that department. In addition, keep in mind though that the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III aren't the only options in the market.

So which one do you plan on purchasing: the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III?

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    Ali9 years, 1 month ago

    samsung is just a copy of iphone …. they did not create something new… just look at the both screens and you will understand everything.

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    iPhone 5

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    iPhone 5 

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    iphone 5 else my death bed…..!!