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Will Apple Release An iPad Mini This Year?

The iPad mini rumor mill has been silent since the launch of the iPhone 5, with only a couple photo leaks earlier this month, making us wonder whether this dream will come true.

iPad mini
To buoy the iPad mini concept, Macotakara has posted a fresh physical mockup of the rumored Apple mini tablet. Don't expect anything revealing, though: the only difference from the earlier photo leaks is that it shows the iPad mini size compared to a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The mockup shows the new Lightning connector dock, while the headphone jack remains on the top of the device.

Despite the photo showing a fully assembled device, it doesn't provide information about its size or weight, so I was wondering whether it is a $13 piece which even you can have for $27 from eBay.

The iPad mini has been rumored to coming since the original iPad launched, but this year the rumors were more frequent and have showcased photos of the device at different stages of manufacturing.

Below you'll find both the Macotakara video and an earlier one both showcasing the alleged iPad mini. What do you think? Will the iPad mini hit the stores sometime in the near future?

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    xdr9 years ago

    steve jobs until he dead belives all vedios and the laser keyboard of iphone 5