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Windows RT Tablets Will Be Marketed For $300-400?

According to Lenovo, new devices based on Windows RT software will be marketed aggressively, costing up to $300 less than other products running Windows 8 software.

Windows RT
As you may already know, Microsoft has announced that it plans to release its new operating system at the end of October, refreshing its core software by bringing a new touch-screen interface to computers and tablets to compete against its biggest rival, Apple’s iPad. According to the Microsoft keynote held months ago, Windows 8 is optimized to work on chips manufactured by Intel Corp and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), and Windows RT will work on ARM- (ARM Holdings) technology-based chips, the mobile phone standard.

According to the head of Lenovo’s North America operation, David Schmook, Windows RT will “be a very good consumer box” while Windows 8 will have more compatibility with other Windows software. He also pointed to possible (and more credible) Windows 8 tablet prices between $600 and $700, which is more than the entry level iPad, but less than the 64 GB Wi-Fi + cellular model.

Despite the strong demand for tablets among consumers, Schmook says Intel is pushing its devices branded as Ultabooks—thinner and lighter devices. According to the company’s current goals, Intel would like to account for 40% of the total consumer PC market by the end of 2012, which isn’t quite a reachable target. A more realistic approach would be about 20% or 25%. His argument is simple: the launch of Windows 8 at the end of October, which is set to comply with the consumer demand for a touch-based interface.

Intel’s response, however, is that they will not compromise their goals, as they think Ultrabook is the best solution to what consumers want. Well, this remains to be seen, as the sales of Ultrabooks were down, as the latest Canalys report shows. Instead, global PC shipments went up 12%, balancing the drop in Ultrabook demand. We have to note here that the Canalys report includes iPads and tablets as PCs. Without the iPad, global PC sales look sour, as the Cupertino company has recorded the biggest growth among all PC manufacturers, taking over from HP, previously the uncrowned king of PCs.

The Canalys report, however, reflects only the second calendar quarter period. These numbers are set to change by the end of the year, with the holiday quarter weighing the most in terms of sales. And since Microsoft is preparing to enter the tablet market with its Surface tablet, the touch-based Windows RT is expected to redraw the current PC market table. [Via Bloomberg]

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