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Verizon Plans To Launch iPhone 5 On September 21

A trusted insider source from Verizon reported to TechCrunch that the wireless operator is “having an all staff vacation blackout” starting September 21 until the end of September. This can mean only one thing.

Apple iPhone 5
The next-generation iPhone is most likely going to hit Verizon stores—and AT&T obviously—and as usually happens with every product launch at Apple, the stores are expected to be wrapped with people eager to get their hands on the most awaited Smartphone.

Now, every sign suggests the iPhone 5 will be presented on September 12 (even considering Apple usually has its iPhone presentations on a Tuesday, but the next-generation iPhone event won’t be held on September 11). Comparing the expected schedule to previous iPhone launch patterns, this year’s scenario looks similar: the expected announcement will take place on September 12, with iPhone 5 pre-orders available the same day, while the launch date (as confirmed by an inside source) will be Friday September 21.

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