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Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week! [08/19/2012]

Welcome again to Jaxov's Weekly Top 10 iPhone App Deals. Each week, we bring to you the best App Store deals that we think might be worth checking out. Whether you are a hardcore app hoarder or simply a casual user, we are quite sure that you will find an app deal that should tickle your fancy. With that said, let us get right to it. This is this week's Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals!.

Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week

Top 10 iPhone App Deals

Sleep Time - Alarm Clock and Sleep Cycle Analysis

Sleep Time iPhone App Deals
This app is not just your typical alarm clock because it also analyzes your sleep pattern. It uses the sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone to detect movements while you sleep at night. This app will only wake you up when you are properly rested.

Price Drop: $0.99 -> FREE


Lightopus iPhone App Deals
Lightopus is one of those games that can give you some pretty outstanding psychedelic experience. It is simply visually fantastic and coupled with a fun and addictive gameplay, we got ourselves a winner here.

Price Drop: $2.99 -> $0.99

Smart Office 2

Smart Office 2 iPhone App Deals
Want a solid app that will enable you to view, create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents on your iOS device? Well, Smart Office 2 is an app that you would certainly want to check out especially with its significant price drop.

Price Drop: $9.99 -> $1.99

Sonic CD

Sonic CD iPhone App Deals
Sonic CD is widely considered to be the best Sonic game of all time and the iOS version doesn't disappoint. Sega really did a good job of porting this platforming classic to the iOS. Sonic fans or good games in general should check this one out.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> $2.99

iBlast Moki 2 HD

iBlast Moki 2 HD iPhone App Deals
iBlast Moki 2 is the sequel to the successful iBlast Moki which featured some of the best puzzle gameplays around. iBlast Moki 2 HD is bigger, better with tons of new gameplay elements and levels.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> FREE

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD iPhone App Deals
Anomaly Warzone Earth is a tower defense game with a twist. Instead of building your own defensive line, you are controlling the attacking forces. It is a great looking game with a solid gameplay.

Price Drop: $3.99 -> $1.99

Call of Mini: Sniper

Call of Mini Sniper iPhone App Deals
Call of Mini: Sniper is another installment of the Call of Mini series. This is a first-person survival action which features pretty explosions and realistic guns. If you can't get enough of blasting zombies, this game should be a good time-waster.

Price Drop: $0.99 -> FREE

SpeedGlow Speedometer

SpeedGlow Speedometer iPhone App Deals
SpeedGlow Speedometer is a fairly new speedometer app. This is a no-nonsense approach to the usual speedometer but it has a really intelligent design. It is just one of those apps that work.

Price Drop: $1.99 -> $0.99

Pebble Universe

Pebble Universe iPhone App Deals
If you are craving for more physics-based puzzle game, then Pebble Universe should be more than enough to satisfy your cravings. Bright, colorful and cutesy graphics coupled with a skill dependent addictive gameplay, you will play this one for hours.

Price Drop: $0.99 -> FREE

Critter Escape

Critter Escape iPhone App Deals
Critter Escape is yet another potential hit from premier game publisher Chillingo. This is a sort of a stealth game with puzzle elements. The characters are suitably quirky and it features some amazing 3D graphics.

Price Drop: $0.99 (New App)

Be sure to check out next week's Top iPhone App Deals.

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