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Sharp Delays Production Of iPhone 5 Displays

Despite its earlier claims that everything is set for mass production of the iPhone 5 display, Sharp hasn’t yet started to produce them. The Wall Street Journal reports, which could create a supply issue for Apple, as it prepares for the rumored September 12 launch.

Sharp display iPhone 5
This reminds me of a similar scenario Sharp used to disguise its huge financial problems ahead of the new iPad launch, when the manufacturer was expected to provide the display for Apple’s tablet. While the company’s CEO announced in January that Sharp was ready to ship the iPad panels, it failed to do so, and Samsung ultimately ended up shipping the panels for Apple.

Turns out—after Sharp spread the rumor once again a few weeks ago that it would indeed be the manufacturer of the iPhone 5 display—the company isn’t able to start the manufacturing process, due to its huge financial losses.

While the WSJ had no information as to when Sharp will start to ship iPhone 5 panels, LG Display and Japan Display have already shipped their parts to Apple, as the latest image leaks show a fully assembled front panel of the next-generation iPhone.

LG Display and Japan Display have benefited from the Apple vs. Samsung intellectual property fight, since they were made responsible for providing the expected in-cell touch panels for iPhone 5. It isn’t certain yet how Sharp’s inability to start the manufacturing process will affect Apple’s iPhone 5 production, but the stakes are getting higher, as well as consumer expectations.

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