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Apple: Samsung Even Copied Our iOS Icons!

When Samsung’s lawyers state that Apple didn’t invent the rectangle, they are right. But when they claim that the South Korean manufacturer launched the original products, we may question that. However, they don’t claim that their products are original, instead they say Samsung’s products were heavily influenced by Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Samsung copies Apple icons
Yet, have they somehow gone too far? In a set of images put together by CNet using the evidence presented by Apple lawyers, the pics speak for themselves. Samsung wasn’t just “heavily influenced” by the aforementioned Apple product’s design, they went on to even be influenced on the software side of things too. To put it clearly, they were inspired by some of the icons Apple used in its mobile operating system. The CNet picture gallery starts with the ‘196 trademark icon for telephone cards and compares it to Samsung’s smartphone product line. But the purple iTunes Store Trademark has the same issue, along with the Contacts, Photos, Notes, and Settings icons.

Samsung’s argument is that their designers were only “inspired” by Apple’s products and the manufacturer’s smartphones are very different. They also argue that Samsung has a long history of innovation.

However, this is only one part of the full issue. An expert witness, Peter Bressler, also reaffirmed during his testimony, that Samsung’s design is substantially the same as Apple’s. Similarities are so sever that they can easily lead to confusion among consumers, just like the Best Buy case study has shown.

Moreover, Bressler faltered when cross-examined by Samsung’s lawyers and stated that he didn’t witness customers mistakenly choosing Galaxy line products instead of Apple’s. The main idea, however, is that the design as a whole, not individual curves, rectangles and so on, is what makes up a device, but not from Samsung’s point of view.

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