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How to Downgrade iPhone When It is Stuck in Recovery Mode?

There are times when we feel the need to install old IPSW versions because of various reasons. Some of the most common reasons why people downgrade are when a certain firmware doesn't tickle their fancy or perhaps their favorite tweak or app doesn't work with a particular iOS version. With that said, downgrading is pretty much an essential procedure for any iOS device owner. The process itself can be quite tricky and this is mainly because Apple tends to stop signing older firmware versions. One of the more trickier situations that you could encounter when downgrading is when you are stuck in recovery mode. Here's a guide on How to downgrade iPhone when it is stuck in Recovery Mode.

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Solutions on How to Downgrade iPhone When It is Stuck in Recovery Mode:

  1. First you must try to kick your iPhone out of recovery mode. Now there are various ways that you can do this and you can easily do so with the help of three easy-to-use tools. You may use TinyUmbrella, EasyiRecovery and RecBoot. Now just choose a tool which you are most comfortable with. Details on how to use the tools can be found on the links provided.
  2. RecBoot

  3. The second course of action is to try saving your device's SHSH blobs while you are in recovery mode, this is of course provided that you haven't successfully kicked your iPhone out of Recovery Mode. Since your device is in recovery, it can be quite tricky to save your SHSH blobs. Don't worry because we have the comprehensive guide that you will help you do just that, just read it here.
  4. Save SHSH Blobs

  5. Now the third solution is quite simple. Not many people know that you can place your iPhone to DFU Mode from Recovery Mode. You will simply need to perform the DFU process (similar to what you are doing when placing your device on DFU Mode while in normal iOS mode) while you are in Recovery Mode. This requires a good deal of timing so keep that in mind. We made a post about it yesterday and you can read it here.
  6. Recovery Mode to DFU Mode

And that is pretty much it. If you require some help on how to restore custom IPSW in iTunes without any error, we have the guide for you here. In addition, you might want to read this tutorial if you want to know how to select & restore custom IPSW using iTunes on Windows & Mac. Hope this post was able to help you downgrade your iPhone while stuck in recovery mode.

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