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How Many Pins Will iPhone’s Next Gen Dock Connector Have?

With only six short weeks until the rumored launch of the next generation iPhone, the rumor mill has started to spill more fresh information. This time, iLounge’s sources whispered something about the smaller dock connector. As we previously reported Apple is ready to discontinue its 30-pin dock connector, which is widely used in its iOS devices, for a smaller connector, based on the recently surfaced iPhone 5 photos. The only question now is: how many pins will be in the new, smaller dock connector?

iPhone 5 will feature an 8-pin dock connector?
According to iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz, it will be an 8-pin dock connector. Horwitz says two unnamed sources have confirmed this information, which obviously contradict earlier rumors of a 19-pin dock connector. Unfortunately there are no images of the product, but hopefully we will see some leaks soon as we approach September 12.

If you were concerned about what to do with all your great peripherals using the “old” way to connect to your iPhone, you’re absolutely right. But you don’t have to completely drop them as Apple was recently granted a 16-19-pin dock connector patent in China, which appear to be—at first glance—the adapter solving the issue, so you can still enjoy all your great stuff.

Considering that Apple discontinues products in favor of something better, we are hoping to see Thunderbolt connectivity with the iPhone 5. This could mean much faster connection and—as important as data transferring—faster charging. The higher voltage may provide an increased amount of power to the device, and it may allow for faster charging of a battery in, or associated with, the device.

Apple filed for several Thunderbolt patents, but a recently published patent clearly suggests that Thunderbolt is coming to iOS devices. Hopefully the next generation iPhone will be the one carrying this innovation. At its current form, the connector needs a little work to be flat enough to fit USB-type device slots, but we’ve seen Apple doing some great stuff, so we included this in our iPhone 5 wish-list. With this in mind, we can understand why Apple decided to dump the 30-pin dock connector.

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