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Everything Is Set For A Digital Wallet iPhone

The NFC-enabled iPhone era is near, and it can easily mean the next generation iPhone. A recently granted NFC-capable, barcode reading shopping assistant patent shows Apple is just that close to transforming your iPhone into your iWallet.

iWallet patent
If you look at the title “On-the-go Shopping List” you may overlook this essential patent, but it is the key element in showing what Apple engineers have been up to lately. Long story short: this patent adds another layer to the upcoming iWallet concept, developing an environment you are simply going to fall in love with. There is no need to mention that Apple has about 400 million credit cards linked to its iTunes Store. And now it has the Passbook app, which in its current phase is just for redeeming coupons, to scan boarding passes, store tickets and loyalty cards.

However, this is just the intro – we’ve just scratched the surface. As you can see all these features are somehow connected to the shopping experience. With Apple’s latest patent, No. 8,239,276, shopping is made easier than ever.

As you know, there are several QR or barcode reader apps available for download in the App Store. While they are very useful for shopping, as they offer a wide variety of price information so you can compare the merchant’s product price with other merchants’, they lack the ability of using your credit card information if you want to make a purchase.

Apple’s innovation is described in the ‘276 patent: an NFC-capable iPhone user is able to create a shopping list, as well as read and write product reviews after he/she scanned the barcode. Scanning can be done in three ways: object and code recognition using the iPhone camera, NFC or a third-party barcode scanner. Although in its current status the patent limits the iPhone’s NFC capabilities to coupons, all is set for a direct payment method using the owner’s stored credit card.

In other words: Apple is readying for when the iPhone will be your wallet. As we previously reported the company was granted several iWallet payments, each of them aiming to secure your future digital wallet at the highest level, such as implementing additional security into you charger. And with the acquisition of security company AuthenTech, we can say Apple has taken one more step toward making the iPhone-wallet project as soon as possible. [Via AppleInsider]

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