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Photos of iPhone 5 Motherboard / Logic Board Appears On The Web

In addition to the already public components of the iPhone 5, a user of the Chinese WeiPhone forum posted some photos of the alleged next-generation iPhone motherboard. We don’t know for sure whether it is a legitimate component or from a prototype (due to the missing labeling), but with the help of 9to5mac and iFixYouri, we can now see what the eagerly awaited device’s interior looks like.

iPhone 5 internal components
One thing is missing though, and that’s the heart of the iPhone 5: the processor. Some voices are whispering about a tweaked A5 chip called the A5-2 processor, but we tend to believe Apple will likely put an A6 chip into its next-generation iPhone, along with Audience’s enhanced EarSmart noise cancellation technology.

Earlier rumors claim–based on deep exploration of previous iOS 6 beta versions —that some of the iPhone 5 prototypes are using the older Qualcomm Baseband chip. The one examined by 9to5mac team used the same type found in the cellular iPad 3. But this is unlikely, as Apple is targeting a deeper penetration into the Chinese market, and it can only achieve this by partnering with China Mobile, the biggest wireless carrier worldwide in terms of subscribers (1.2 billion). If Apple goes with the older Qualcomm chip and not the expected Gobi chipsets, then the iPhone 5 won’t be able to use China Mobile’s cellular network.

Going further, the leaked pictures reveal a smaller SIM card slot, likely the new nano-SIM standard designed by Apple and accepted as a worldwide standard for next-generation Smartphones. Also, the battery connector seems to have five pins, while the iPhone 4S has only five, hinting at the revamped battery we recently reported on.

Another hint regarding the iPhone 5’s 4G LTE capability is the number of antenna connections counted on the picture by iDeviceGuys. They compared it to the iPhone 4S, and found it is totally different: the next-generation iPhone has more connections, as well as a tweaked digitized connector. This is in line with the rumored used of the new in-cell panel technology.

With all these parts now made public (with some help from Chinese forums) iFixYouri has put together a diagram, placing all of them into context. According to their note, the leaked parts look legitimate, as they fit together seamlessly, although we are still wondering whether they came from the same prototype due to the lack of the typical labeling as mentioned before.

It is rumored that the iPhone 5 will be launched in early September, with a 4-inch, 320–326 ppi screen with 640 x 1136 pixel resolution, as the beta version of the Xcode’s Simulator hints.

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