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How Many Pixels The Next Generation iPhone Display Will Have?

The iPhone 5’s release date is just a few weeks away now, which means there is a ton of new rumors pointing to a taller, at least 4-inch iPhone display. As we previously reported, multiple sources confirm bigger iPhone display. However, the number of pixels has remained in the dark, until now.

iPhone display
A larger iPhone display has always been on the top of the wish-list of most non-iPhone and iPhone users alike. Although as a recent Piper Jaffray survey shows, this isn’t one of the top features new iPhone owners are looking for.

Since the launch of the original iPhone, its 3.5-inch screen has remained unchanged, but it looks like 2012 is the year of changes. Tim Cook has already hinted to some awesome refreshments in Apple’s products line, Back in March, at the end of the iPad launch event, he stated “we’ve just started”, and since then the rumor mill has provided many images of the eagerly awaited iPhone 5.

Finally it’s time to find out the number of pixels the iPhone display will have. There will be a total of 727,040 pixels on the new display, which comes from the screen’s 640x1136 resolution. 9to5 was the first one to report about it, thanks to some tweaks to the new Xcode and iOS Simulator app, the iOS 6 displayed five complete rows of icons, compared to the current 4 row displayed on the iPhone’s display.

This new pixel density also means that Apple changed the aspect ratio to 16:9. So the black bars will disappear when watching movies or TV, with the media now making use of the full screen. This also means, if our information is correct, that the iPhone 5’s Retina Display will have 320ppi, which is 6ppi less than the previous generation iPhone. The older display currently stands at 326ppi. On the other hand, the new iPad’s display has 264ppi, while the Retina MBP has 220pi.

We are definitely eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone 5, but until then, all this remains just a rumor, as none of it has not been confirmed by Apple. However, hopefully August will pass very quickly and September 12 is almost here. Meanwhile, stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted about the latest information of the iPhone display and much more. [Via 9to5mac, Image credit 9to5mac]

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