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How Satisfied Are iPad And Kindle Fire Owners With Their Device?

When the iPad launched and encountered huge success among consumers, it started a new demand for tablet computing. When the Kindle Fire hit the market, running a custom version of Android, it quickly pushed other Android tablet players back and changed the iPad’s market share. Now it is time to see how these two tablets rank as far as consumer satisfaction goes.

iPad vs. Kindle Fire
According to comScore’s latest study, the demographic picture of the tablet audience has the iPad as more popular among men (52.9%) under the age of 35, having a 100,000+ household income, while the Kindle Fire has a tighter grip among women (56.6%), with 33.3% of them having a 100k or greater household income.

Breaking down the factors that drive consumers to purchase a tablet, comScore found that both content and price ranked 7.7 on a 10-point scale, with brand following as the second most important deciding factor. Now let’s see how this compares to the iPad vs. Kindle Fire stats, unsurprisingly, the more than 250,000 apps developed for the iPad has a large impact on consumer’s decision (8.1 points). While Amazon is following right behind Apple, as it is the gateway to the online retail giant’s store.

However, the most important factor is consumer satisfaction. Since its introduction the iPad, as well as other iOS devices, is the clear leader in this area. ChangeWave’s recent survey shows 81% of all new iPad owners very satisfied with their tablet, and the iPad 2 comes in second, with a strong 71%. The Kindle Fire took the fourth spot in the 451 Research ChangeWave survey with 41%. The stats look slightly different in the comScore study with Apple ranking No.1 in consumer satisfaction with 8.8 points (on a 10-point scale) and The Kindle Fire taking the second place ahead of any other Android tablet.

In other words, Kindle Fire owners are almost as satisfied with their tablet as iPad owners. Thinking further, we find these numbers interesting with strong consumer satisfaction clearly reflected in market position and sales. Looking at Apple’s recent quarterly earnings report, 17 million iPads sold worldwide, there is a growth curve associated with the iPad popularity and sales. Amazon’s Kindle Fire on the other hand, doesn’t show this kind of growth. Amazon started with a strong quarter, but sales diminished during the recent quarters with the company cutting back on Kindle Fire orders. It has to be noted here, though, that Amazon is now working on six tablets that are set to launch later this year. One of them will be a 10-inch version, to compete directly with the iPad, so it could affect its sales. Whatever.

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