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How to Install SBSettings on iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.1.1?

When it comes to the matter of jailbreak tweaks and apps, there are ones that are considered to be must-haves for any self-respecting jailbreak user. Such apps and tweaks completely justify the very act of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. One such app is SBSettings. SBSettings is often cited by most people when they are asked why they choose to jailbreak their iDevice. For the uninitiated, SBSettings allows you to easily and quickly access your most frequently used settings and apps just by swiping the status bar. But with iOS 5, it has now been integrated with Notification Center's pull down drawer. In this post, we will teach you How to Install and Use SBSettings on iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.1.1.

SBSettings on iPhone 4S

How to Install SBSettings on iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.1.1?

  1. First you will of course need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you require some assistance on how to do it, feel free to use our guides: Absinthe | Redsn0w | Sn0wbreeze | Cinject
  2. After you have successfully jailbroken your device, launch Cydia which should be located in your iPhone's Springboard.
  3. While on Cydia's Home Screen, tap the Search tab which is found at the bottom of the screen. NOTE: In case you don't know, SBSettings is hosted in the BigBoss repo. BigBoss is a Cydia source that comes prepackaged upon jailbreaking. So we will not have to add a Cydia source in this case. In case you don't have the BigBoss source, refer to this guide on how to add it again.
  4. Cydia Search Tab

  5. Type "SBSettings" (without the quotes) in to the search field. You should see SBSettings in the search results, provided that there is no issue with your BigBoss repository.
  6. Tap SBSettings from the search results and it should take you to the Details page of the app. Now see that Install button at the top right portion of the screen? Tap it.
  7. SBSettings Details

  8. On the next screen, tap Confirm in order to initiate the installation process. This will install other components as well such as Activator, Airplane SBSettings Toggle, Default HD SBSettings, libhide, and many others.
  9. SBSettings Install Confirm

  10. Just wait for a few seconds (depending on your internet speed) as Cydia downloads and installs SBSettings on your device.
  11. Respring / Reboot your iOS device if necessary.

How to Use SBSettings on iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.1.1?

In this case, you can choose to use the old-school method or the iOS 5 Notification Center method when invoking SBSettings. You can even choose to use both but I personally won't recommend it since it will just be redundant and may cause confusion when swiping the status bar. For a more seamless approach, it is best if you go with the iOS 5 Notification Center style. But feel free to use the method that you are most comfortable with.
SBSettings iOS 5 Icon
Upon installing SBSettings, you should see an SBSettings icon in your Springboard. Launch it to access the Settings. The Dropdown Window section is for the old-school method options while the iOS 5+ Notification section is for iOS 5 Notification Center style. Under iOS 5+ Notification, make sure that Disable Toggles is OFF.
SBSettings on iOS 5.1.1
If you want a separate list of toggles, you can enable the Separate List option. To set the toggles that you want to appear in your Notification Center, just tap Set Notification Toggle. Here you can choose which toggles to use and arrange them in any order you want (Remember that you can also download SBSettings Toggles from Cydia). To set the theme, just tap Notification Theme. You can choose from the Default themes or you can download SBSettings themes from Cydia.
SBSettings Widget in Settings
As for the Notification Options, make sure that you have enabled More Button Row, Button Titles and Info Row for the most optimal setup. After any changes are applied, your iPhone 4S will respring. Once you are back at the Home Screen, access and make sure that the SBSettings widget is present. At this point, just access your Notification Center and you should see SBSettings integrated into it.

And that's it on how to install and use SBSettings on iOS 5.1.1. If you have any question on how to install and use SBSettings on iPhone 4S, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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