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Download iFile: Best File Manager & Viewer For Your iDevice

For a while now, we have been bringing you the best apps and tweaks that fully justify jailbreaking your iOS device, iFile is one of those apps. iOS is considered to be one of the most secured mobile operating systems in existence. But the trade off for such a secured environment is that it yields some pretty annoying limitations. One such limitation is with the capability to access the iOS file system. But of course, that's why we jailbreak our devices; to free ourselves from such limitations.

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iFile is not exactly a new jailbreak app and most seasoned jailbreakers should have installed this jailbreak tweak by now. So this post is mainly geared towards newbies or for those who haven't had the chance to get this excellent app. iFile is most likely the best file browser solution on the iOS. This is basically like having a Windows explorer or Mac OS's Finder on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can create, delete, copy, cut, paste or zip multiple directories all at once. It also enables you to rename files or directories as well.
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iFile supports a plethora of file types which is of course a good thing if you wish to manage your files more effectively. With iFile installed, installation of Debian packages (deb) is also possible. Another neat thing about this app is that it integrates nicely with other Cydia apps and tweaks. For example, if you have iFile and Safari Download Manager installed, you will be able to open downloaded files directly from iFile. It also supports full File Browsing over Wi-Fi from the desktop. Everything works in a lightning fast manner, so you do not have to worry if it will slow down your system or not.
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When it comes to iPhone file management, iFile is definitely hard to beat. Beginners and advanced users, both will have something to like about this jailbreak app. It is simply a must have tweak for jailbreak users. If you want to download this app, you can check out the iFile source which are quite numerous. But if you want an iFile cracked source, you can check the app out for FREE in SiNfuL iPhone repo.

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