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Googlorola: Apple’s iPhone Violates Seven Of Our Patents

The Motorola Vs. Apple patent fight won’t come to an end anytime soon. With Google on board, MMI has filed a new patent infringement lawsuit against Apple—the document isn’t available yet—claiming the iPhone maker infringes seven of its non-standard-essential patents.

Apple vs. Motorola
As Bloomberg notes, Googlorola claims Apple’s Siri voice-recognition program, location-based reminders, media playback and push email notifications, among others, violate Motorola’s patents. What is interesting to note here is that Google is asserting that the two companies couldn’t settle these patent matters, due to Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license. So, the new owner of MMI was forced to file a complaint with ITC to defend itself and its engineers’ innovations.

Apple and Motorola Mobility have been filing patent infringement lawsuits and countersuits since 2010, after the two companies failed to reach a settlement over licensing terms. Apple claims MMI is asking for unreasonable royalties for its FRAND patents and argues that the handsets manufactured by Googlorola and other Smartphones running Android (such as the Samsung Galaxy line, HTC Smartphones and others) are copying key patented features of its most popular iPhone.

The complaint comes before the commission’s final decision over a previous patent infringement case, in which Motorola Mobility claimed Apple was infringing an MMI patent that covers the way computers transmit signals through Wi-Fi. If the commission finds Apple to be violating the patent, the Cupertino company may end up with the iPhone (the product generating more than 50% of its revenue) banned from the US. However, this won’t affect the best-selling iPhone 4S or 4G capable iPad, nor the eagerly awaited iPhone 5, as the aforementioned devices incorporate a Qualcomm baseband chipset.

We believe this new filing is Google’s statement over the Apple vs. Android fight: "we purchased MMI for its patent portfolio, and we will use every single avenue to stop your penetration into the Smartphone market, which is now estimated to have reached $219 billion in value".

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