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Installous Crashes When Download Starts [How-To Fix?]

There have been many of you, our readers, who have been experiencing Installous crashes. There have been plenty of issues nowadays when it comes to Installous and a good deal of them are to be found especially with the latest version, Installous 5. In this post, we will try to offer a solution on How to Fix Installous Crash Issue.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hackulous is now officially gone, so you won't be able to download Installous and AppSync from the repository anymore. As an alternative to Installous, you can download these Installous alternatives.

Installous Crashes

Installous Crash Issue?

Users have been experiencing instances when Installous just crashes on them. This usually happens when users hit the "Download" button or as soon as the download starts for just about any app. This issue can be quite persistent even when one do resprings / reboots / reinstallations, it still remains unfixed.

How to Fix Installous Crashes When Download Starts?

Fix Installous 5 Crashes Reload Categories
This seems to be a bug which is present in Installous 5 itself. However, the solution is actually quite simple. Simply go to the settings of Installous (found in your iPhone's Springboard) and tap the "Reload Categories" button which is found at the bottom of the screen. Now after reloading categories, you should wait at least 10 seconds before tapping the download button. After that, wait for at least another 5 seconds before hitting the download link. If done right, your download should proceed without any sort of hitches.

Again, this Installous Crash issue seems to be a bug with the app itself. Hopefully, the developers will be able to address the issue on the next update of Installous 5.

So did this solution help fix the Installous crashes on your iOS device?

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