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Download iBlackList: Ultimate Firewall App for Blocking Calls & SMS on iPhone

As a smartphone owner, it is quite sure that you are familiar with the frustrations that come with unwelcomed calls and text messages. Whether it is your obnoxious friend or just some random stranger who vowed to ruin your day every chance he gets. It is a fact that there are people that we would prefer not to communicate with. If that's the case, then it is highly recommended that you check out this jailbreak utility called iBlacklist.

iBlacklist Cracked for iPhone
iBlacklist is a jailbreak tweak that enables the user to create a blacklist or whitelist which is great for filtering contacts within the iPhone. The tweaks works for both calls and SMS text messages, even FaceTime calls can be blocked using this particular utility. Your list can even be scheduled so for example in a given time such as during the night, only certain folks are allowed to contact you.
iBlacklist Cydia App
What's neat about this app is that it can let you set how the rejections are handled. Do you want to send the rejected calls to your voicemail? Or perhaps, you want to be a bit more harsh and completely reject the call? Or maybe you want a permanent busy tone so you could annoy those pesky callers back? These options should definitely save you from the annoyances caused either by a call-happy friend or by those evil telemarketing companies.

iBlackList Features:

  • Filter calls
  • Filter SMS
  • List Scheduler
  • SMS privacy
  • Call privacy
  • Block FaceTime calls
  • Call forward privacy
  • Support for multilist
  • Live iMessages filter
  • History in landscape mode
  • Export history

iBlacklist Cydia App

Where to Download iBlackList Cracked?

iBlacklist is available in Cydia but the asking price of $12.00 is quite a bit on the hefty side, as far as jailbreak apps and tweaks are concerned. But if you want to download iBlackList cracked, there are other Cydia sources that you can install and download the app from. A good source to download an iBlacklist cracked app is SiNfuL iPhone repo. We recommend that you try out the app first and if it is something that you like, then by all means, support the developers and purchase it legally from Cydia.

Download iBlackList Cracked from alternative Cydia sources such as SiNfuL iPhone repo.

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    Maroon7 years, 10 months ago

    do u know if iblacklist work in ios7??

    Habiba8 years, 9 months ago

    It’s not working !!!!!
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    jAZZ8 years, 10 months ago

    the block facetime feature is no working in my device,and it will make the springboard crashed inevitable every time.please fix it in next release version!

    Joao9 years ago

    Do you know if Iblacklist work in IOs6?

      Donz8 years, 5 months ago

      yeah its working on my ios6