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Apple’s Solution For Mobile Payment Graphical User Interface

Apple has been granted another patent that confirms once again the company is working to enable mobile payments on its iDevices. US Patent No. 8,255,323 for a “Motion-based payment confirmation” could easily be the iPhone 5 NFC patent users have been waiting for.

Apple mobile payment
The recently granted patent is Apple’s solution for mobile payments, yet it claims to be a component of a comprehensive transaction system. The abstract reads: “In one embodiment an electronic device may include a graphical user interface (GUI) with one or more graphic elements that may be moved by a user to confirm or decline a payment transaction using a selected payment instrument.”

The graphical user interface Apple plans to develop is based on the sensors of the iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) and uses Apple’s well–known, patented gestures to make the interface more user friendly and elegant than the dull “OK” or “Buy” button.
From the description:

Close range communication with the NFC device may take place via magnetic field induction, allowing the NFC device to communicate with other NFC devices or to retrieve information from tags having radio frequency identification (RFID) circuitry. As discussed below, the NFC device may provide a manner of connecting to a shopping website and communicating with an external server.

Although Apple doesn’t have any mobile payment system implemented in its devices, instead some voices began whispering—based on the latest iPhone 5 picture leak—that the next-generation iPhone will feature an NFC chip. Meanwhile, Apple has included another key element in iOS 6, an application called Passbook, aimed at replacing all the plastic cards in your wallet except (for now) your credit card. As we previously pointed out, some of the latest patents Apple has been granted focus on multi-level mobile payment security, which makes us think the iWallet era is closer than you might think.

The above patent also gives us an unofficial clue about Apple’s work on a mobile payment system or an iWallet. [Via AppleInsider; Image credit AppleInsider]

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