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Android Set To Conquer 70% of Chinese Smartphone Market By Year’s End

Android already accounts for more than 60% of the Smartphone market as of the end of June, but according to Digitimes, Google’s mobile OS is set to own 70% of the total Chinese market by the end of this year.

The most recent research conducted by the Taiwanese news website shows aggressive competition between mobile operating systems, but as Android Smartphone manufacturers are pushing hard to conquer the market with new product launches in the third quarter, the pressure is likely to push the iOS and other market players behind. Samsung, Huawei and ZTE are all starting to ship new devices, while second-tier vendors, regional vendors and other players are set to aggressively launch new Android devices in the Chinese mobile market, said Digitimes senior analyst Luke Lin.

However, due to Android-based handsets' strong shipments of 224 million units in 2011 building a rather high comparison base, Android-based handsets are expected to see a rather weak on-year shipment growth rate in 2012 compared to that of 2011.

In addition, the Windows Phone is expected to report a 100% rise compared to a year ago, when it hardly entered the market. Digitimes expect Microsoft to report 21 million WP sales in the second half of 2012, and iPhone shipments to have surpassed 125 million units during the same period.

However, the current picture painted by Digitimes is slightly different than Statcounter’s, which sees Android as the top mobile operating system for sure, but only with 36% of the Chinese mobile market, while iOS records 15%.

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