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Windows 8 Official Release Schedule Announced: October 26th is The Date

If you have been keeping tabs with regards as to what Microsoft is up to nowadays, you should know that the software giant is right on the heels of releasing their next major operating system, Windows 8. After several preview builds and providing a release bracket, the Redmond-based company just announced on its annual sales meeting the exact release date of Windows 8. So brace yourself folks because Windows 8 is finally hitting retail on October 26th.

Windows 8 Logo
Windows 8 is a significant departure for the Windows operating system in so many different ways. Probably one of the boldest moves of Microsoft is giving Windows a significant overhaul in terms of user interface. Replacing the old Windows interface that we all know and love is the new Metro UI which aims to give the interface a more modern look and so it becomes a lot more touchscreen friendly. But the addition of Metro is not only for aesthetic purposes as it does have a new take on functionality. But we could totally understand if fans of the old Windows are somewhat apprehensive to this certain major change.
Windows 8 release date
Unlike previous versions of Windows, the price of upgrading to Windows is fairly affordable. This is especially true when you are upgrading from existing older versions such as Windows 7, XP and Vista which should only cost no more than $39.99. An offer that lasts until January 2013. This is definitely considered a good value especially considering the premium upgrade price of Windows operating systems prior to Windows 8. Users who prefer to buy Windows 8 on a disc will have to cough up $69.99. Again, it is still quite reasonable compared to the price of older Windows.

In just about three months or so, users will finally be able to sink their teeth on the full version of Windows. Again, mark your calendars on October 26th folks! [via WindowsBlog]

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