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Top 5 Tech News of Last Week [08/07/2012]

Last week we started the weekly article about the Top 5 Tech News of the week before. A lot of readers liked this so much, so we decided to continue it. So, from now on, you can expect Top 5 Tech News of last Week, every Monday at!

Top 5 Tech News of Last Week

Fresh Blades and Backgrounds for New Update of Fruit Ninja

Top 5 Tech News-Fruit Ninja

WeMade Entertainment reports about the brand new update for Fruit Ninja. A rather addictive game with a surprisingly simple goal. You must slice the fruit that is launched. When you miss 3 parts of fruit, you lost the game. But Beware! Sometimes bombs are launched too. For obvious reasons, don’t slice them otherwise the game is over resulting in your loss. Read more about it here.

Updated RedSn0w adds DFU ISPW Feature and Improved iPhone 3GS Baseband Downgrade

Top 5 Tech News-RedSn0w

Last week, already reported this news. Quickly after the last release, the iPhone Dev-team has updated RedSn0w again. The most important parts of the update are the facts that the downgrading of an iPhone 3GS is improved and a feature to save a DFU-mode IPSW. This last feature is intended for those who have an iPhone with a broken home-button. Read more about it here.

Release of Quick Reply for Facebook Messenger

Top 5 Tech News-Quick Reply

aBooSoft reports about a new release of Quick Reply. Quick Reply was already released for the extremely popular WhatsApp, but now it is time for a release for the Facebook Messenger. This tweak lets you quickly reply to Facebook Notifications from anywhere in your iPhone. You can download the tweak from Big Boss Cydia Repository. After downloading, you can configure this app through the iOS Settings App. Read more about it here.

Full Screen, Pull to Refresh and Gestures Added to Chrome Browser Using Chromizer Tweak.

Top 5 Tech News-Chromizer brought this news last week. iClarified was also one of the media that brought this news about a new tweak for the Chrome Browser on iOS. With this tweak you are able to toggle into full screen mode, Pull to refresh, 2-finger swipe to go back and forward. It also features an iPhone like tab switching on the iPad. You can find this tweak on the ModMyi Cydia Repository. Read more about it here.

The iPad Mini is Coming soon, says Bloomberg

Top 5 Tech News-iPad Mini

To maintain the dominancy in the tablet-market, Apple made plans to release an iPad Mini sometimes later this year. The intensions are to compete with the much cheaper Nexus 7 and the upcoming tablets from Microsoft. At least, that is the opinion of Bloomburg. This interesting article, with some surprising insights, can be found here. A published articles about this subject on can be found here and here.

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