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Spike Homes: A Case for iPhone with Built-in Physical Keyboard [Design]

Nowadays, most people are used to the soft keyboard on iDevices and don’t even think about a possible physical keyboard for iPhone. However, some people, mainly the former BlackBerry-addicts, would love to have physical keyboard buttons on iPhone. For the last group, a brilliant gadget named "The Spike Case" has been developed!

Why would someone want a physical keyboard for iPhone, while everyone knows that a soft keyboard is much more flexible? Well, maybe because they want to type with gloves, or are so much addicted to the look & feel of a BlackBerry. It doesn’t matter, because there is a demand for it.

Apple Once Considered A Physical Keyboard for iPhone

Apparently, Apple had three keyboard designs to consider in the period before the launch of the first iPhone. A BlackBerry style design, A design with a slide-out keyboard and a design with soft keyboard. Needless to say the first two were rejected. And it was a daring, but good choice. Steve really followed his instinct, and that turned out very well. Imagine what would have happened when Steve Jobs had chosen one of the two others?

Physical Keyboard for iPhone

Foldaway Keyboard for iPhone on Kickstarter!

There are already several gadgets on the market to provide the iPhone with a physical keyboard. One better than the other, but it seems the demand is high, otherwise all those products wouldn’t exist.

A really brilliant idea was recently launched on (The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects) where father and son Salomon introduce the Spike 1 and the Spike 2. The Spike 1 is a physical Keyboard for iPhone where you have to turn the case before you can use the keyboard. The Spike 2 is an updated version with a foldaway keyboard for iPhone. Both are smart combinations of a protective case and a keyboard, without ending up with a big and ugly iPhone.

Check out this video:

Big advantage is the fact that the case is only 4 millimeters thin, so you don’t end up ruining your iPhones design too much. Once the Spike 1 will hit the market, it will be sold for $30 - $35. The Spike 2 for around $55.

The goal is to fund $75.000 before the closing date of august 11th. If the total amount is raised, the project will be completely funded and the production can begin. As you can see, the biggest part is already funded, so it is very reasonable you will find these gadgets in the stores soon!

Soft Keyboard or Physical Keyboard for iPhone?

What do you think of this idea? Will you contribute in this Kickstarter? Would you like to have the Spike as a physical keyboard for iPhone 4 and 4S?

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