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Scan Windows Running Programs and Autostart Locations Using This Software

Not all of us are computer experts who understand all of the intricacies that make our system work the way it does. This is why in almost all cases, there are tools and utilities that help us fix our systems in case something goes wrong. There are countless viruses, malware or spyware out there that could change and modify your system without your permission. In that case, it would be a good idea to have a good scanner on your side. Here's RunScanner, a handy, powerful tool that scan Windows programs and fixes potential issues in your system.
Scan Windows Programs With RunScanner
Once you have launched RunScanner, you will be given the options to run the tool either in "Beginner Mode" or "Expert Mode". In Beginner Mode, you can only scan your system and be given the options on how to save the scan results. In this mode, you won't be able to modify anything in your system. This option is recommended for those who are not too computer savvy and only want to scan their system in order to be analyzed by experts and consequently fix the problems.
RunScanner Beginner Mode
Expert Mode is definitely the very meat of RunScanner and is recommended for power users who know what they’re doing. The main module of this mode is Malware Hunting where the utility scans for possible problems such as adware, homepage hijackers, unverified drivers, registry errors, and many others. It also offers users to analyze loaded modules. Just be warned that carelessly deleting valid files may render your system unusable, so use this function with caution.
RunScanner Expert Mode
RunScanner Expert Mode Item Fixer
RunScanner also features a powerful process killer which lets you easily terminate running processes. The utility also offers the option to view/modify all the items during the Startup process. Other options include the ability to view Install Software and Host File Editor.
RunScanner Process Killer
RunScanner is a simple, yet powerful utility that helps you dig deeper into your system. This is a rather lightweight download and it is portable as well, which means that you don't even need to install it in your computer. RunScanner detects problems that may remain hidden from your other scanning tools. Just keep in mind that it is quite easy to delete crucial files that may cause major problems, although the program itself gives you several warnings regarding it.
RunScanner Warning
Again, use RunScanner with caution. If you are not too sure regarding an item, the programs offers a useful Google Lookup function. Download RunScanner to scan Windows program using the download link below.

Download RunScanner now to scan Windows programs.

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