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New iPhone 5 Releasing On August 7th [RUMOR]

There are so much rumors going on about the New iPhone 5 release. Leaked designs and parts are the most popular, with a big variety in opinions. But concerning the release date, most people agree for a launch somewhere late September or beginning of October. Now a ‘reliable industry source’ spreads the word that the next iPhone will be revealed during a keynote on August 7! Weird!

When will Tim Cook enter the stage and release the New iPhone 5 with a big smile? Despite of the commonly accepted release date of September/October, there is a new rumor: August 7th! The blog 'Know Your Mobile' revealed this news thanks to an 'anonymous industry source'. Of course, they will never give names or something close to that, so sources like this can never be checked and are most of the times very vague.

New iPhone 5 Release Date

The release date, or at least the announcement, is highly unlikely for five reasons:

  • August 7th is in the middle of the summer holidays. Apple would never organize an important event like this in the holidays because the impact during holiday season is much lower.
  • An event like this would be held in the Moscone Center in San Fransisco. Looking at the agenda of the center, there is nothing planned for August 7th. History learns that an Apple Keynote is marked most of the times as a ‘Corporate Event’.

New iPhone 5 Release at Moscone Center?

  • Jim Dalrymple, well known for his close ties with Apple, responded on The Loop with a simple: Nope!
  • If Apple would launch the new iPhone 5 within 12 months after the release of the iPhone 4S, a lot of customers won’t buy it due to the fact that the first contract-upgrades can be done after 12 months. This will avoid a lot of customers to buy it for the first few months. And those first few months are normally extremely important for sales.
  • It is more logic to release the new iPhone in September/October and focus on the Christmas holiday season. Holiday sales are always a big part of the yearly sales.

Another possibility is that Apple will present the new iPhone 5 on August 7th, and the release will be in September/October. Even though that is also highly unlikely, it is still a possibility. Like this, Apple could profit of the early customers whose 12-month contract are finished.

The Cupertino Company is expected to announce the new generation iPhone with a brand new visual design. The rumor-mill is talking about unibody-designs, curved ‘teardrop’ designs, something with Liquid Metal etc. Other rumors are about the bigger 4” screen size, Near Field Communication and of course the next generation processor: The A6 processor!

Your Opinion About New iPhone 5 Release Date?

So what do you think? Am I terribly wrong here, or can we expect the New iPhone 5 release at the end of September or beginning of October?

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