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Leaked Images of Pre-Release iPhone 5 Sample Model Hits The Web

Within the next few months, the world will be once again treated to the next generation iteration of the new iPhone which is the iPhone 5 (or the sixth-gen iPhone). As per usual, the upcoming launch of a new iPhone will be accompanied with the usual rumors, leaks and speculations. About two days ago, we brought to you a report of the alleged iPhone 5 engineering samples which is supposedly used to manufacture the next iPhone. Now another batch of photos have been leaked, and this time it seems to be the actual photo of the iPhone 5. Or is it?

iPhone 5 Leaked Photos
The folks from KitGuru has put up an extensive gallery of a device which they believe is the iPhone 5. Citing their "operatives across the globe" as the source, the gallery depicts a device which is pretty much in-line with the ongoing rumors about the upcoming iPhone. So it does have a slightly larger screen and thinner form factor. Check out the photos below:
iPhone 5 Leaked Photos_1
iPhone 5 Leaked Photos_2
iPhone 5 Leaked Photos_3
iPhone 5 Leaked Photos_4
As you can see from the images, the said device is pretty rough-around-the-edges especially when it is placed side by side to the iPhone 4S. KitGuru did place a disclaimer saying that this is a pre-release test sample so it will obviously look more polished by the time it hits retail. The device pictured also features a redesigned 19-pin dock connector, bottom headphone jack and speaker grille. Again, this coincides with the rumors that surround the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Dock Connector
Well, when it comes to iPhone rumors, we won't be surprised if this is indeed what the next iPhone will look like. But it is quite doubtful if this is indeed a pre-release sample. This could just be an elaborate hoax or perhaps a model that is used in making cases or accessories. Well, there is simply no way to be sure.

Expect more iPhone 5 rumors to come out soon. [via CultofMac]

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