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Pictures Leaked: Is This Final Version of iPhone 5?

Just a few days after Apple’s quarterly earnings call when Tim Cook explained that iPhone sales were affected by iPhone 5 rumors, here is another bombshell dropped by a Chinese iPhone repair site: high-quality images of the next generation Apple smartphone parts and, finally, the iPhone 5 assembled!

iPhone 5 fully assembled
9to5mac was the first to publish this information, which seems to be from the eagerly awaited iPhone 5. However, we can say we aren’t too surprised about the picture leaks, as the flagship smartphone has already entered into the production line, so we can expect to see more in the near future as repair shops get their hands on them.

It was the Chinese iLab who rushed to inform all Apple fans and future iPhone owners of how the assembled black iPhone 5 will look like when it will ship this fall. Also, iLab published a couple photos of internal components highlighting that the iPhone 5 will feature a totally new internal design too. We still have no information about the tiny little hole on the back of the iPhone 5 placed between the camera and flash, but hopefully this mystery will be cleared soon.

iLab highlights some early differences between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5; the first thing they notice is the four screw holes on the top left, but their purpose is unknown at the moment of writing this article.

The clear message written on Chinese site is that "we are going to fall in love with the iPhone 5. It’s thinner and lighter and we imagine that aluminum case will make it pass the drop test". So Are you excited? We surely are! We are already counting the days until its launch! [Via 9to5mac & Image courtesy of iLab]

Update: Macotakara posted a video of the partially assembled iPhone 5. Have a look.

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